Friday, September 30, 2011

Inanna: A Fantastic Drum Group

Hey teens! I recently got some of Inanna's music from The Common Ground Fair in Maine. They played there and I got to see them perform. It was completely electric and the witch in me wanted to get up and dance about wildly. I would have too but being with a family member I was keeping myself in check.

Here is one of their songs called Rainbow People. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lessen The Load Spell

Hey teens! Have you ever felt like you're going crazy trying to balance a busy schedule? Relax with this visualization spell ment to free your mind and lessen your load!

Materials Needed:

Your Room (Inside)
A Jar
A Broom
A Marker

Take the marker and paper and write the word HOMEWORK or just WORK is big capital letters. Then write all of the negative words and emotions associated with it. Draw anything which you feel represent your anxiety. When you are finished take that Goddess forsaken piece of paper and rip it up! Rip it all up into the tiniest most manageable pieces of paper you can possible shred! Take out all of your emotions on it! Yell, cry, and curse into it. Let all your bad emotions be absorbed by this heap of paper. Now get up and stand strongly on your feet! GET UP! With the pieces in your hand start running and dancing around like a madman throwing that paper while chanting:

Work work
Be no more!
Work work
What are you for?
I release myself from you
Now I'm free to explore!
Work work
Be no more!

Sweep up the pieces of paper and put them in a jar while saying this:

Paper I bind you.
Paper I make you still.
May fire destroy soon
the dread I did feel.

The next time a fire is burning in the fireplace put the paper in it.

Wheel Of The Year Magnet

Hey kids and parents! Here's a fun craft to try. It's called a Wheel of the Year and shows all the holdiays us witches celebrate.

Here's what you'll need:

Paper Plate
Paper (colored or not)
Two Magnets
Something to write with
Anything you want to decorate with

Take your paper plate and cut out the inside circle so there isn't a wavy part. Then take your writing instrument of choice and write the names of the Sabbats in order all around the outside. Decorate your plate with anything you feel fits with each season and holiday. Take your glue and glue one magnet to the center of the back of the plate. Cut out an arrow using the separate sheet of paper and attach this to the other magnet using glue. Let everything dry overnight and you have your own personal wheel of the year! You can use the arrow to point to the next holiday coming up or the holiday which you are currently celebrating! 
Ta ta for now little witchlets! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I Bought At The Fair

I bought many different items at the fair. I swear every time I turned around there was something so beautiful, fun, creative, and overall so uniquelly amazing! I took pictures of everything I bought there except the herbs I bought. I bought motherwort, mugwort, and hawthorn so if you know any recipes or anything I can do with them please tell me! And now picture time!

Click Here to See The Website for the Fair

This is the newspaper they gave us at the entrance! The picture on the front is also on a small green t-shirt I got there.

The candle and soaps I got at the same store/booth. The candle is soy and was only $5 because the owners are discontinuing making them in color. Apparently the color doesn't hold up well with the heat. The soaps are so awesome smelling! They have oatmeal in them which makes them great for your skin.

This tea steeper with the sun design was too beautiful to pass up and the tea to go with it sounds very yummy! I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it will be delicious.

Okay you may not know this but I LOVE crafts! I croquet and the yarn seen above is so soft! The mixed colored one is made out of bunny hair! The natural dye really is so beautiful and the prices weren't bad either. The totally orange one was $9 and the mixed colored one was $12. The picture above that is of a felting kit I got with a dragonfly pattern. I really love dragonflies. I plan on croqueting a bag from the yarn and using the felted square to make a pocket.

That green herb above is called Sweet Annies and it's the most wonderfull smelling plant! I am planning on making a fall wreath with it. The smell is suppose to last up to a year. As for the cute little pumpkin...How could I resist!? I'm probably going to paint on it.

Okay this organic catnip toy is seriously fresh! My cat was going insane over it! She was tossing it around, clawing it, and rubbing it all over her face. She was in cat heaven and then proceeded to go pig out on her dry food.

This beautiful bowl was bought from a guy who truly has followed through with his dream. He decided that he wanted to make ceramics and explore and photograph caves and now he does both! He gives tours of caves to people and sells his pottery. Some of his pottery has bats on it too. He is truly an inspiration.

I got this birch bark bracelet in the Native American tent of the fair. I am thinking that I'm going to paint little birch trees on it.

I'll try to remember to post pictures of the end products from the crafts. For now blessings to you all!

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Fantastic Way to Celebrate Mabon!

Sorry everyone for the fact I did not post Short Story Saturday this week. I was occuped at The Common Ground Fair for organic famers in Unity Maine. It was an absolutely amazing fair and the best way I could have celebrated Mabon! They had amazing food, music, and crafts! Some of the products are just the most creative things I've ever seen! The people there were all so kind, happy, and interesting. This one guys does cave exploration tours and ceramics. He said he followed his dream and turned it into a reality. I got a lot of stuff there and saw a lot of animals. Overall a wonderful experience and I highly recommend you see it next year if your in the area.

Luckily for all of you I took some pictures!

The next one is of Havest Stew I ate at the fair for lunch. It was absolutely delicious with rice, beans, carrots, corn, peanuts, and a bunch of other vegetables. Different but good!

I'll be posting a separate post of all the stuff I got there soon so be sure to look for it! Blessing to all and I hope you had a wonderful Mabon! Actually what do you guys do for Mabon? I'm very curious to know!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Loreena Mckennitt

Hey teens! One of my favorite musical artists is Loreena Mckennitt. Her soft beautiful music is so enchanting and intense. I love all her songs but my favorite song of hers is Dante's Prayer.

So here is Loreena Mckennitt singing Dantes Prayer (Note I did not create this video):

Click Here To See Her Website

Sproutlets: How Do Plants Grow?

Hello Witchlings! Have you ever wondered what makes plants grow? How about Lola tells you all about it!

Lola says, "If you want your seeds (little packages for baby plants) to grow then you need these things: the Sun, Water, Earth, and Time."

Lola why do we need the sun?

"The Sun keeps the seeds and plants warm. Just like when you wear clothes or put on a blanket!"

Why do we need water?

"Plants get thirsty too! Everything living needs water!"

Why do we need Earth?

"It is the food for the plant. It keeps it from getting hungry."

Why do we need time?

"Plants grow slowly so we need to learn to wait for them to grow."

Thank you Lola!

Rufus Recommends: Fairy Houses

Hey to all those Pagan moms and Witchlets! This is the first post for the Kids Page. So exciting! Let me Introduce you to Rufus the Dragon. He's a funny little red dragon who likes to read and tell stories. Today he thinks you should try to read Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane.

It tells you all about a little girl who made a very special fairy house. What is a fairy house? It is a special little home you make out of natural things you find outside where little fairies can visit. A lot of times people leave gifts for these little people there. The book tells you how to make one. Here's one I made with a very special fairy next to it!

That fairy wearing the purple dress is my friend Lola! She is who will teach you about plants and animals of the garden. Ta ta for now witchlets and have a happy day! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Websites I Can't Blog Without

I have found two website which I can not blog without which I thought fellow bloggers might find useful too! The first website is The Cutest Blog On The Block which is where I get all of my wallpapers and buttons. As for getting pictures without copyright I need not to look any further than Reusable Art where there are bunch of beautiful vintage pictures! Anyway that's all for now! Have a great day!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Whispering Leaves Spell

Do you ever feel like there are a million voices floating of the breeze when the wind blows? I do and recently with Autumn beginning and the leaves starting to fall I have been thinking of a good spell to do. The wind represents many things to me but there are two which are prominent: communication and banishing bad energy.

Here is what you will need:
Two fallen leaves (One colorful and one brown. Get them from the same tree if possible.)
A hill where you can look up at the open sky and into the distance
A marker (black for banishing and blue for communication).

Up on the hill pick up the brown leaf which will represent banishing. Take the black marker and write one word on the back of the leaf which describes something you want to rid yourself of. Pick up the leaf and when the wind blows throw it into the air and say:

Leaf leaf float away
May I never go astray
Now I'm free to dance and play

Now take the colorful leaf and the blue marker. Write on the back something which you wish would happen. When the wind blows again take the leaf and release it into the air and say:

Leaf leaf I sent away
To the Divine I pray
That my wish be granted today

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Short Story Saturday: Seeing Is Believing

Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I'm late with short story Saturday again! Perhaps I should make it short story Sunday? Or I could actually get my act together! Anyway this weeks story is called Seeing is Believing. Enjoy!

Seeing Is Believing

I look back now fondly on an event which changed my life forever. It all began when I started working in a nursing home called Wild Oak Home for the Elderly. I was studying to become a nurse is college at the time and I needed the job to gain work experience and money. I starting working there in the Summer and by early Autumn I was a familiar face to everyone there. There was Roger and Phillip who would always play chess. They were extremely sharp for their age of 80 and 85. There was Margaret who was a nurse I got to work with most of my time there. Margaret showed me how to do everything and I owe her a good chunk of my abilities as a nurse. Out of everyone I knew the longest and saw everyday, it would seem odd that the person who affected me most was someone I knew only for a day. Her name was Delilah. She was a resident there for only a week when I met her. She became very ill and, without any family to care for her, she was sent to stay at the home. I can still remember our first meeting like it was yesterday. I walked into the room to lay eyes on a lady with pale skin, long gray hair, and piercing blue eyes. I walked in and introduced myself.
"Hello. My name is Rose. I will be your nurse for the weekend. And you’re Ms....", I said and looked down at my chart to find her name. The woman looked at me with her intense blue eyes.
"You can just call me Delilah. I’ve never been one for proper titles.", She said.
"Okay. Well Delilah how are you feeling today?", I said.
"That doesn’t matter. I know I’m dying.", She said.
"You’re chart says you have had pneumonia for the past week. I wouldn’t say you’re a lost cause. In fact I would say that in a few days you will be feeling better. The fluid in your lungs has been clearing up.", I said.
"Do you always trust what charts have to say?", She said.
"Yes why shouldn’t I? The charts show the data and observations.", I said.
"You are a person of logic. I do not live in the world of logic. I know something because it comes to me as a knowledge from within.", She said.
"If you are talking about intuition or sixth sense then I must tell you I don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo. I believe in science and reason.", I said.
"Yes. You were like that as a child too. You liked to look through a microscope because you felt like it opened a whole new world to you. You brought it to school once and the other kids broke it. They called you names.", She said.
"I never told anyone about that. How could you know that? It’s not possible. You just had a lucky guess.", I said.
"Lucky. perhaps. But I’m not wrong and that has rattled you.", She said.
"What other things do you ‘know’?", I said.
"There are many things I have known over the years but I can not recall any of them. They are mostly small things about people I knew. There is only one thing which I know about myself. My soul animal is a cat. A black cat to be specific.", She said.
"I don’t believe in an afterlife. I don’t believe in what I can’t see.", I said.
"Sometimes believing is seeing my dear. You do not believe in an afterlife but you work here. Everyone here is close to the end of their life. You must wonder what happens after someone dies. You must understand to some degree that this is not a permanent end of existence.", She said.
I was unsure of how to answer this. I didn’t wonder. Science had taught me that the body dies but I never pondered about the soul. What exactly is a soul? How can you quantify it?
"I see I have puzzled you and with that my question has been answered. This thought did not even occur to you.", She said.
"You don’t have any family who can take care of you. Right?", I said.
"No. They are all passed through to the beyond. I have been faced with death many times and I am grateful no one is left to miss me.", She said.
"Did you predict their deaths too?", I said.
I didn’t really believe in any of this but I still was interested in this lady who believed so strongly in something which seemed absurd.
"I did. My soul animal came to me. The black cat warned me about it in my dreams. I think this cat is also a guide of passageways. It’s so of a reaper if you will.", She said.
A question occurred to me but I was unsure of whether I wanted to ask it. It seemed a little bit stupid at the time. All of my mind was against this entire conversation yet part of me still wanted to know.
"I see you are puzzling more over something. Speak your mind child.", She said.
"Are you afraid to die? I’m terrified of even the thought. Where do we go? Where do you think we go?", I said.
"I’m not afraid. I have seen death in so many different forms. It has always been expected. Although I don’t know what it’s like not to expect it. As for where we go. I would like to think a higher plane, heaven, whatever you want to call it.", She said.
"What do we do when we get there?", I asked.
"I don’t know. I guess see people we knew in our lifetimes. Besides that I’m unsure.", She said.
Walking is heard coming down the hall. Margaret pokes her head in the room.
"Rose how about you take your lunch break now. I’ll take over here if you need me to.", Margaret said.
"Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow Delilah. Get some rest.", I said.
"Wait!", Said Delilah holding my hand.
"What is it?", I asked quite confused.
"For you seeing is believing. This is the same for me. Consider this a gift.", She said.
"Okay. Just get some rest now Delilah. I’ll see you tomorrow.", I said.
I walked out of the room very unsure of what just happened. My hands felt red hot and tingly right after she had touched them. I didn’t think much of it. I wondered how much of what Delilah had just told me was the true. I knew it was at least her truth but I wasn’t convinced. I figured she must have gone a little crazy in her old age and the fear of death had scared her into lying to herself. Instead of her existence being cut off and becoming worm food, which was how I saw it at the time, she would become one with love and light. These thoughts pestered me all day and I became very weary with them. Unsure of what to think anymore, it was soon time for bed. I went to sleep quickly but dreamed the most peculiar dream. In my dream I saw a child of about six years of age. She was sitting on the floor in a house library with a black cat on her lap.
"Good kitty.", the little girl said and she pet the cats fur.
The girl noticed me sitting in the chair next to her. She looked up and her amazing blue eyes stared into mine.
"Do you want to pet the kitty?", She said in a soft child-like voice.
I nodded that I did. I got down on the floor and noticed as I looked down at my lap there was a rosebud in my hands. It was only the head. The cat curled up in my lap as its purred loudly. I looked up at the little girl again.
"His name is Shadow. I’m giving him to you so keep him well. I need to go now.", She said.
"I wish you could stay. Is there no way you can stay and perhaps we can share him?", I said.
"My time here is past so I can not stay. The cat belongs to one and one only. May he keep you well.", She said.
I looked down at the warm cat sitting on my lap. It looked up at me with golden yellowish eyes. It jumped off my lap and left in it was the rosebud but it was a rosebud no longer. It had bloomed into a beautiful red rose. I looked up to smile at the little girl but found she was gone. The cat sat close me and rubbed its soft ears against my arm. I was alone in a library with a cat and a rose. Then I woke up from this dream back into the reality I thought I knew. It all washed over me. Yes seeing was believing and I now found myself turned into a believer over night. I went back to the nursing home to find that Delilah had died in her sleep but for once in my life death did not scare me. For once in my life it was expected.

Friday, September 16, 2011


As you all must know Autumn is coming fast. I was very happy today to feel some of that chill in the air and see leaves just starting to change their color. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the feeling of home, warm food, family and friends gathering together, fires starting to burn in fireplaces, and that general sense of magic in the air. There is much old magic I feel is connected with this time of the year. It will soon be harvest season and people will be picking apples and pumpkins. I love food coming from these two plants. There is such a warmth to this time. I wonder what is your favorite season and holiday? My favorite holiday is Halloween of course or otherwise known as Samhain.


I see you smile
behind the leaves
I see your warmth
though the air is cold

My heart rejoices
I become a child eternally
I jump into your arms

But I will grow old
and if you have fallen
beneath the leaves
when my time has come to fall
I hope I fall into your arms
so I can once again
see your smile
behind the leaves

Monday, September 12, 2011

Poll Results!

The poll results are in! You, my readers, have decided that having both a chidren's page and a teen page would be a good idea. I would really love some input on what you would like on each page so I have made a list of questions for you to answer in the comments below. Even if you are anonymous leave a comment as it will help me with the construction of pages you may visit. I have decided to move the blog pages to the uppper right corner where you can click on the links to take you to the pages.

NOTE: I have decided that the kids and teen pages will have link on them to posts. This is because I can do a lot more with posts than the pages themselves. I will make the page look pretty and have as much as I can fit on there with the links to posts.

Kids Page

1. Would you like easy recipes for little kitchen witchlets to make with you?

2. Would you like fun crafts for holidays or any day?

3. Would you like stuffed toys and puppets to perform a show for them or read them a story?

4. Would you like fun spells?

5. Would you like a place for me to put any pictures you send in to me via my e-mail at the bottom of the main page?

Teen Page

6. What type of spells would you like? Love, Luck, School..?

7. Let your voice be heard by sending me your writings!

8. Would you like crafts or food recipes or not?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Short Story Saturday: The Broom

I have decided to start having a Short Story Saturday! I really hope I can keep this up. If anyone wants to send me any short stories you have written then I will appreciate it very much and as always give you credit. I'm kicking this off with a short story I've written called The Broom. I hope you enjoy it!

The Broom

I always knew that I was different from other people. Things would happen around me which I could not explain. I tried many times to rationalize why these things would happen. Maybe the singing at night in the forest behind my childhood home was just someone in the homes nearby. Maybe the glowing balls of light I saw floating around sometimes were just my eyes playing tricks on me. I always told my mother everything that happened. My mother asked all our neighbors the next day but they said they were all asleep the time I heard the singing. She took me to the eye doctor and he said my vision was perfect. My mother just thought my imagination was active or that I had been mistaking my dreams for real events. I started to believe her and throughout my childhood and young adulthood I learned to ignore it all. Then something wonderful happened to me about ten years ago. I’m now forty and I look back on this event realizing how much it has changed me. Something got switched on in me like a light bulb and I was able to see the truth.

It was a sleepy Friday in the small town of Prout’s Neck in Maine. I was on my front porch sweeping the Autumn leaves in the dimming light of the setting sun. I had always liked sweeping and used only wooden brooms. My husband always teased me that I would get a bunch of splinters if I didn’t get a different kind but the plastic or metal ones just didn’t feel right to me. I stopped for a moment and sighed. A beautiful orange and pink sunset was on display and the colorful maples had their shadows cast on the ground. I inhaled the October air which was filled with a million smells. The salty sea, spices of pies the neighbors had made, smoke from fireplaces, and of course herbs from my garden were only a few. I closed my eyes and heard very few sounds: My children giggling at their father who was reading them a bedtime story, a dog barking in the distance, a faint sound of water and seagulls, crickets, and my own breath. My breathing was calm and peaceful. I let everything fill me and make my heart light with love. I loved living here, I loved my family, and I just felt as if I was rising toward the sky. Then I opened my eyes and realized to my shock that I was! The broom I was sweeping with was above my head and I was a good two feet above the ground. I started to become afraid and as soon as this feeling ran through me I fell right on my bottom. The broom fell out of my hands and clattered on the wooden boards. I sat their in astonishment for a moment gazing at the broom, watching for movement. I got up slowly while rubbing my sore rump. I crept toward it, stooped down, and gripped its wooden handle. All those feelings poured back into me as if the broom had captured them forever. It was as if I had infused it with the love I felt moments before. It was as if something woke up in me that was always there but was formerly sleeping. It overwhelmed me and I closed my eyes to calm down. I felt the course wood at my fingertips and for some reason decided to let go. I opened my eyes and the broom was floating in the air. It lowered itself below my hips as if it was telling me to jump on. I felt the corners of my mouth lift in a smile as a spark of wildness filled my soul. I gleefully did as it wished. I hung onto the handle as I zipped up toward the sky. Moments later the broom evened and slowed to a calmer pace. The wind blew through my hair and I felt its coolness on my warm cheeks. I flew over the bay. The moonlight sparkled on the water. I lowered myself so I was gliding just above it. I reached down and felt its fresh coldness on my skin. I looked up at the full harvest moon and rose toward it. It’s light made my skin seem to glow white in contrast to my black dress. I looked at the stars which were twinkling. My attention was drawn again to the water below me. I noticed something strange. The sparkles seemed to be growing into small balls of light. All at once they started to rise around me and from them came a sound from my childhood. The singing I once heard in the woods was echoed within them. It was as if each light had its own voice but all of them combined to sing in harmony. It was an unearthly beautiful song which I will never forget.

As soon as the flight started, it seemed to end. I was lowered to my porch and finally came to a stop. I got off the broom and placed it in its usual spot next to the door. I was filled with a sense of bliss. I look back on this now and know that this was when all my questions were answered. I remember thinking to myself, "I am different because I am magical and I am magical because I am a witch!".  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Fairies are called by many names: little folk, good folk, faeries, and the fae. Fae derives from the latin word fata meaning "fate". Faeries are magical beings which occupy a world in a different realm of existence. Our world and their world is separated by a barrier called the veil. The term faery can be used for any magical being. This includes elves, leprechauns, brownies, merepeople, pixies, ect. Many people make fairy houses for the smaller type of fae. These house are made of natural material like twigs, rocks, pine cones, acorns, ect. Mushrooms are a sign of faeries being near. If you find mushrooms which make a circle then this is called a faery ring and is said to be where faeries have danced around in a circle. Faeries are often found is gardens, woods, fields, and basically any natural places. Foods that attract them are basically anything sweet. Honey and jam is especially good. Moss, clovers, bell flowers like foxglove, thyme, lavender, and roses are all great plants for a faery garden. Faeries tend to dislike iron so don’t add this to your garden. They also dislike weed pulling and trimming of bushes and trees. They like when nature is left more wild. As with all beings some faeries are good and some faeries are not so nice. Faeries can be visited through meditation and astral travels. Use caution while meeting different beings and always show respect.

Now for the fun stuff!

Faery Milk

This is a drink recipe I ran across somewhere. I've made it several times. It's yummy and fantastic to have before you go to bed.


Warm Milk
A sprinkle of cinammon
A little vanilla extract
honey to taste
thyme (I added this in once and found it to be pleasent.)

Faery Chant

Oh fellows of nature gather round
to listen to the a soulful call
May your magic and grace abound
like laughter at a merry ball
May what is lost always be found
and may the Goddess bless you all

(I think this would be a good spell to use if it is suspect the fae decided to hide something from you. What little tricksters they can be but what good fun too!)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kids Page?

For a long while now I've been wondering if a kids page would be a good addition to the blog. I seem to have some really cute ideas. I can encourage kids to read by having Lola the Fairy recommend children books to them. I can also have Rufus the Dragon teach them about fire magic and tell them stories. I also wonder if it would not be amiss to have a Teen page as well. It's difficult being a teenager who is different in a world where its frowned upon. It would be good to have a place where you can be you all the time. I'll be setting up a poll to see which one or if both are things which you, the readers, would like to see. Feel free to suggest ideas. Ta ta for now and blessed be! 

Essay on Witchvox: Practical Paganism!

Finally my essay was put up on Witchvox! They said it would take a few business days to get it up but I've been waiting for what seems like forever. I love Witchvox though and I'm glad there is still an opportunity for us to have our thoughts published. I also noted there are two new followers. Did you creep on in from there? lol! Anyhow I have decided to post my essay on here so all my blog followers can take a looksy. Here is my: Practical Paganism

Practical Paganism
Author: Rhosewen
Posted: September 4th. 2011
Times Viewed: 254

As I look around the room, it hits me how much I have related to Wicca. It has literally become a huge part of my existence. My focus is directed to a piece of amber crystal that I bought for fifteen dollars at a local shop. I now wonder to myself whether it was worth it but a bigger question arises from this. Whatever happened to down to earth practical magic?

It’s no secret that most people live on a budget. Although I love those spiritual stores with so many wonderfully witchy objects, I have to wonder if my life would be even more fulfilled by not just buying things but creating them. I’m talking about cheap, practical, and personal ways to bring magic into every aspect of life. Creation is a force that the Goddess teaches us everyday. Each time we eat, we are recognizing the fact that something was created so we could sustain our lives. When we are cleaning, we are assuming the position of cleansing which, although the opposite of creation, makes way for something to be created. The way magic is done does not matter; the energy behind it is what truly makes it powerful.

This being said I want to focus attention on the benefits of practical magic. My reasons why this type of magic has attracted my attention will be included. How to achieve the same level of magical power while intertwining it with simple tasks will also be discussed.

One reason I like this idea is time management. I simply have no time to do long rituals, spells, or meditations. I will always have to make meals, clean, and do other necessary tasks to sustain life. In my extra time I want to do crafts, create a garden, make art and generally live with the movement of life. Taking the time to slow down and do a ritual is just not possible. It is fantastic when I feel inspired to do it but still does not fill an itch I have.

Another reason this path is awesome is because it saves money! Instead of buying gifts, organic soaps, herbal remedies, and even clothing, I can make it! When we get down to nature we will find that it provides us with all we need. We can grow our own food, make our own clothes, and generally being self-sustaining. This in turn saves money. Instead of buying that twenty-dollar sweater, you can make it with a yarn ball you bought at a craft store for at most ten dollars.

My third reason is that it just feels right. Every religion, even Wicca, loses their initial meaning after awhile. Some people may think of Wicca as just a way to get what they want by simply casting a few powerful spells. Yes spells can help direct energy in a positive way so you can reach your goal but at the same time action must be taken. It is not what we can get from nature that is important but what it freely gives all of humanity. It gives us the power of movement and the constant ability to build from the ground up (literally) . Using what nature gives us to make everyday tasks a magical event is truly telling the Goddess and God thanks for everything.

This is magic of the hearth and home. My fourth fantastic reason for this way of magic is that you cannot get caught up in the stress of life. Everything you do is enveloped by such fantastic magic! You live a truly enchanted life and learn to love just about every task that needs to be done. Building spirituality into every aspect of life allows you to relax and enjoy each moment as it comes. While doing the dishes you can put yourself into a slight trance and connect with the cleansing energies in this world. At the end of the day you feel fulfilled spiritually and have gotten everything you needed to get done.

My fifth reason for liking this path is helping heal the environment and preventing causing it further damage. If you make your own bath supplies, clothes, food, etc., then you are doing this. Not only will what you make be organic but will not have been shipped to you. This means that there is one less thing using energy and gas to come to your front door. Every little bit helps push everyone else to become aware of how they affect the environment. People catch on to the fact that it is possible to lessen our dependence on non-renewable energy and that, for them, it can be beneficial. They can spend less and make more. Your home project can inspire a community effort to go green.

The problem is that most chants and spells are not based around these daily events. People consider these activities chores and try to get them done as fast as possible. Why not slow down and put yourself into the task? Why not say a chant? Why not weave your own spell? I will present to you now a few chants I have created around these mundane "chores".

Here are some chants for cleansing.

Laundry Blessing

Clothes blowing in the breeze
Wind dry them with ease
Sun dry my tears
Take away all my fears


Sweep out the past
Sweep out the dark
With this broom I cast
A protective mark

Here are some chants of creation.


Stirring up a cauldron brew
Ready to taste something new
A taste of something pure and true
Filled with what the Mother grew


As I do this craft
Mother sat back and laughed
Her joy spilled into my creation
Filling its owner with much elation

In conclusion, practical magic is something that is worth a try for many reasons. It is a chance to find uses for magic in our daily lives. With a deep focus on the home, it may become a way to connect with family and friends. It takes other people to enjoy a feast or a home-made gift. This is my final and, in my opinion, the best reason for this path: It joins us together and promotes love for all.
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