Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sproutlets: How Do Plants Grow?

Hello Witchlings! Have you ever wondered what makes plants grow? How about Lola tells you all about it!

Lola says, "If you want your seeds (little packages for baby plants) to grow then you need these things: the Sun, Water, Earth, and Time."

Lola why do we need the sun?

"The Sun keeps the seeds and plants warm. Just like when you wear clothes or put on a blanket!"

Why do we need water?

"Plants get thirsty too! Everything living needs water!"

Why do we need Earth?

"It is the food for the plant. It keeps it from getting hungry."

Why do we need time?

"Plants grow slowly so we need to learn to wait for them to grow."

Thank you Lola!


Brandy said...

Love this! Thank you. I am going to copy, save (with proper credit of course)and give this to my little ones next Spring as a lesson with flower seeds to grow and all!! (If you don't mind :))

Witchy said...

I am truly delighted! Everything on my blog is for your use as long as it's not for profit. Copyright is important and I follow it. All of the pictures on here are either my own or in the public domain. I hope your little ones like it! Many blessings.

Brandy said...

Nothing is for profit. All personal use. Actually, I am planning on homeschooling my kids (my son is 3, my daughter is 1)and this lesson would be great for at least my son at this moment and later my daughter!

Witchy said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad I can help with the lessons! It must be a lot of work doing that or planning to do that. Blessings to you all!