Friday, September 16, 2011


As you all must know Autumn is coming fast. I was very happy today to feel some of that chill in the air and see leaves just starting to change their color. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the feeling of home, warm food, family and friends gathering together, fires starting to burn in fireplaces, and that general sense of magic in the air. There is much old magic I feel is connected with this time of the year. It will soon be harvest season and people will be picking apples and pumpkins. I love food coming from these two plants. There is such a warmth to this time. I wonder what is your favorite season and holiday? My favorite holiday is Halloween of course or otherwise known as Samhain.


I see you smile
behind the leaves
I see your warmth
though the air is cold

My heart rejoices
I become a child eternally
I jump into your arms

But I will grow old
and if you have fallen
beneath the leaves
when my time has come to fall
I hope I fall into your arms
so I can once again
see your smile
behind the leaves


ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, how I love Autumn ... and I long for the Autumn's of New York and the northeast. It's so hot here in Florida. I have noticed that it has grown hotter through the years. Global warming is here. Love the picture of the leaves. Hope to be there soon. It sounds so wonderful and magical where you are. Love and Light to all you meet.

Witchy said...

Love and light to you too! It is very magical here and I would never want to live anywhere else but New England. The leaves are from this huge maple tree in someones yard. The tree in in their front yard and the house is a big box-like colonial. It's such a lovely place. I have only been to Florida when I was a kid visiting Disney World. I would expect that it would be effected a lot due to its location near the equator.

ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, you are in New England. How wonderful. I'm originally from New York, just north of the Bronx. I've tried to email you but it keeps coming back. I hope it works now...I just tried a test. I'm kinda slow on the tech stuff. Oh, and I'm so sorry, but I forgot the site where you told me I could find free an easy backgrounds. I love your backgrounds and I've told you in the past. I'm hoping I can figure it out and that they have some that would fit my blog site. Hope to be able to email you soon.
Bright Blessings,

Witchy said...

Artsings I got you're tester e-mail. It's okay with being slow with technology. I've never be to New York but I imagine it would be a nice place to live. The website I get my backgrounds is
It is a very good website where you can get all sorts of cute stuff for your blog. I expect you will find a lot there you will like. They have instuctions on using them too for the technologically challenged. Thanks again for your kind words.