Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lessen The Load Spell

Hey teens! Have you ever felt like you're going crazy trying to balance a busy schedule? Relax with this visualization spell ment to free your mind and lessen your load!

Materials Needed:

Your Room (Inside)
A Jar
A Broom
A Marker

Take the marker and paper and write the word HOMEWORK or just WORK is big capital letters. Then write all of the negative words and emotions associated with it. Draw anything which you feel represent your anxiety. When you are finished take that Goddess forsaken piece of paper and rip it up! Rip it all up into the tiniest most manageable pieces of paper you can possible shred! Take out all of your emotions on it! Yell, cry, and curse into it. Let all your bad emotions be absorbed by this heap of paper. Now get up and stand strongly on your feet! GET UP! With the pieces in your hand start running and dancing around like a madman throwing that paper while chanting:

Work work
Be no more!
Work work
What are you for?
I release myself from you
Now I'm free to explore!
Work work
Be no more!

Sweep up the pieces of paper and put them in a jar while saying this:

Paper I bind you.
Paper I make you still.
May fire destroy soon
the dread I did feel.

The next time a fire is burning in the fireplace put the paper in it.


magic hands said...

Thank you for the quick revision work; the new version of your spell should serve the same purpose even better than the original, since it has completely eliminated the negative environmental aspects of your 'first draft'.

Also, please accept my heartfelt apologies for the rather harsh manner in which I called you out on what were honest mistakes rather than intentional negligence. I could have used a far gentler hand in bringing those issues to your attention. In point of fact, what I *should* have done was sent you something via e-mail rather than posting it here for the world to see (although I rarely send e-mail to anyone who hasn't given me expressed permission to use that means of contact). For having badly handled this, and in your public forum of all places, *I* am the one who's ashamed, and humbly request your forgiveness.

Since the version of the spell that I was criticizing is no longer visible here, I've deleted that comment. You might consider deleting both of yours, as well, and simply note that the current version of the spell has been significantly revised from its original posting.

I'll be back later with a response to your newly-posted poem. Again, I'm sorry, and will be far more discreet in the future (if you still have any interest in my thoughts or opinions).

Magic Hands

Witchy said...

All is forgiven. I don't mind some harshness as long as it's apologized for which of course you did a fantastic job of. I honestly feel pretty silly posting that spell that way but anyway moving on. Love and light to you.