Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sleep is an important part of health and happiness. It is also when we dream we open ourselves into the subconscious and sometimes other realms. There is much lore about sleep. Mugwort under the pillow will help one dream of the future. Lavender will help one sleep soundly. Oak branches over ones bed will protect them while sleeping. Anyway here is my stuff on sleep.

Nightmare Relief Potion

teaspoon of cloves
3 sage leaves
handful of lavender flowers
teaspoon of vanilla extract

Sweet Dreams Tea

A few leaves of catnip
handful of chamomile flower
tablespoon of lavender

Sleep Mojo Bag
put in purple or blue cloth and tie up:

An amethyst crystal
three bay leaves (for prophetic dreams)
your favorite trinket

The Dreamer

chose the hidden path
seen by no average eye

many eyes see darkness
few eyes illuminate

no soul can find his or her way
a soul will on this day

a strong heart beats within her chest
until the end she will never rest

she swears this
sealing her wish
with a magic kiss

she dares to enter the unknown
adventure shall be sown

by her subconscious she is led
fantasy streaming through her head

awaken she thinks these images dreams
still enchanted by how real it seems


Friendship is one of the great treasures in life. I have experienced times when I have had no friends, friends who were not good for me, and lately (thankfully) many friends whom have been very good to me. Friends are an asset when family gets too much. This is true for me and all I can say is thanks. Even with this I still hold strong that family is forever though friends may come and go.

Friendship Potion

sprig of catnip
squirt of lemon
rose petals
teaspoon vanilla

Chant for Friendship

Oh divine above
Fill my heart with love
And let my heart open free
To bring a friend to me
So mote it be
So mote it be

Enchanted Love

In this post I will share two love potions I have created, a chant, and a few poems. These potions are strictly for attracting love to you and not for trying to control how a person feels. My personal belief is that love can not be controlled or else it will turn sour and/or die out. I hope this reminds you that love is a magic of its own which binds us together and makes life worth living.

Love Potion

Red wine (or apple cider for people who are underage)
crushed coriander (potent spice so don't put too much in.)
chamomile tea
teaspoon cinnamon
teaspoon vanilla extract

Love Tea (for a more subtle taste)

Raspberry tea packet (use regular green tea if you don't have this)
squirt of lemon
dried rose petals (can dry roses on low oven setting for 10 min.)
honey to taste

Note: It's okay to revise recipes to leave out some ingredients. What is important is intent and visualization. If you are true about what you want and imagine how it would happen then it makes the spell more powerful. It doesn't matter if you are even just putting this out to the universe if you do these two things.)

Here's a chant to go with these potions:

True love come to me
By the power of apple tree
By the power of 3 times 3
Hear my plea
So mote it be

Now for my poems about love:

Glowing Heart

my heart glows.
my eyes shine.
wish you were mine.

my cheeks flush.
my blood flows.
hope nothing shows.

my soul ignites.
what a rush.
is it just a crush?

Rose Vine

enclosed around the tree
tightly and warmly clinging
bright red blooms springing
climbing through the air and to the sun
sun being a mystical source of life

Rose Water

sweet nectar sleeping on my lips
a pure sun kiss on the moon
bliss that binds us all
something to be awakened soon

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Law of Three

By the law of three may thee abide or thee should run and hide. Here's a quick little poem I wrote about how magic comes back to you.

Law of Three

magic released from thy soul
three times three
free floating through worlds
three times three
shifting into a form
three times three
returns to thee

A warm poem of welcome.

I forget when I wrote this. All I know is whenever I re-read it I feel a warmth inside me.

Open Arms

I open my arms
and let them in.
My dear friends
and close kin.
They know who I am
and know who I’ve been.
They protect me
from sorrow and sin.
I open my arms
and let them in.

Merry Meet!

A warm welcome to all who come here! In case you did not know from the title, I am a witch and I like to write (among other things). I have created this place to share my writing and perhaps for you to share some too! I also hope to discuss philosophy, nature, and pretty much anything else which comes to mind. This is a space for the soul to meditate and for whimsical magic to abound. So curl up with a nice warm cup of tea (which I love by the way) and sift through these writings to your liking. Thanks for reading. Blessed be!