Monday, September 12, 2011

Poll Results!

The poll results are in! You, my readers, have decided that having both a chidren's page and a teen page would be a good idea. I would really love some input on what you would like on each page so I have made a list of questions for you to answer in the comments below. Even if you are anonymous leave a comment as it will help me with the construction of pages you may visit. I have decided to move the blog pages to the uppper right corner where you can click on the links to take you to the pages.

NOTE: I have decided that the kids and teen pages will have link on them to posts. This is because I can do a lot more with posts than the pages themselves. I will make the page look pretty and have as much as I can fit on there with the links to posts.

Kids Page

1. Would you like easy recipes for little kitchen witchlets to make with you?

2. Would you like fun crafts for holidays or any day?

3. Would you like stuffed toys and puppets to perform a show for them or read them a story?

4. Would you like fun spells?

5. Would you like a place for me to put any pictures you send in to me via my e-mail at the bottom of the main page?

Teen Page

6. What type of spells would you like? Love, Luck, School..?

7. Let your voice be heard by sending me your writings!

8. Would you like crafts or food recipes or not?


Brandy said...

I think all the ideas you stated in your questionnaire are very good ideas to added to your pages.

I have two young children (3 and 1 years old) who I would love to find some activities to play with them.

And I also have two 14 year old stepdaughters who would be interested in a few things!

So any ideas you can give would be awesome!

Zachary P said...

I would say as a teenager, school related spells would be VERY much appreciated. Though I think a lot of others would want love spells. As for the kids I think puppet thing might stray a bit too far from the subject, but what do i know? I stopped being a kid at 7. I do however that your new pages are successful Witchy.

Witchy said...

@Brady Thank you for your response. I will definitely have a bunch of activities which can be done with kids. I'm trying to cover everything which can be done in the home. Many blessings toward your family!

@Zach I will definitely put up school spells and love spells. As for the puppet thing I am hoping to make it magic related. I might just have pictures of the stuff animals I have.I'm planing on try a lot of stuff.