Monday, April 18, 2011

Trees by Iris


Long ago the trees spoke
Spoke through the blowing breeze.
The wind softly whispered
Redwood to Oak,
gently conversing with ease.

Years pass on, humans roam the lands.
The trees verbalize to humans,
But the humans do not heed,
for they are oblivious beings.

In melancholy the tree
Start submerging,
deep with in their roots.
No longer talking,
Now the wind blows
without a whisper.


Immortality by Iris


Some mortals dread death.
For dread of the unknown: after life here.
Dread of the coffin that will inhabit thee eventually.

Always conversing, searching for immortality.
"What do mortals speak about death?", you say.
They utter no word.
Never knowing that what they dread,
Is the key to immortality.
The mortals will never know,
until the end of life is here,
and then they will see.
Immortality was with them,
from the beginning of being.

~ Iris

Acceptance by Iris

We should accept one another for who we are. We vary in different opinions and religions. We should just accept that others have different beliefs in religion, which is fine for it is their own truth. There are many truths out there for different people. We just have to accept the truths. That’s what makes this universe unique. It is that we are all different. We all have different truths. We come from different backgrounds from which we could learn. For example we learn from the elves of Fynn. First before we accept others, we need to accept ourselves. I always find it odd how we strive to be accepted by others so we can fit in. When all along we need to just accept ourselves for who we are. For we can only bring acceptance and peace to ourselves.  Other people cannot bring us acceptance. Only within ourselves we can. If we can’t accept ourselves, how can we accept others? That also goes for if we cannot love ourselves, how can we expect to love others?  So ideally I think we should accept ourselves first, then accept others.  Although I do have trouble accepting some truth like extremist and Satanism. No one is perfect though I suppose. I try to be accepting of all truths. Especially to be accepting of myself. I found out if accept myself, I didn’t need acceptance from everybody else. If I accept myself, I easily accept others. That is my own truth. Others should find their own truth.


Etheric Cords and Wings by Iris

Etheric cords are like electrical cords from our relationships we build with the people we know. They connect us from one person to the other. The etheric cords are located in our chakras. Hence this is why it’s a good idea to cleanse chakras. Etheric cords commonly extend to our family, friends, and even our enemies. Now sometimes etheric cords cause pain. That’s when we have to cut them off. When someone affects us too much in a bad way, cutting them is simple. I usually rip the bad ones apart gently and carefully. Commonly you ask Archangel Michael to cut them off. It is safer to do that. You don’t want to accidentally cut the wrong thing. If you do a cord that connects you with family, it doesn't mean you don't love them anymore. It just means you are not holding on to the problem anymore. The bad cords look black to me by the way. It works to clear negativity. Why do we cut cords out? Negativity drains our energies. You want to fully function. There are many ways to flush out cords. For example you can use attunements. cutting cords benefit energy and health. A feeling of being lighter or more grounded is common. It helps one become disconnected from other's negative emotions to be more in tune with yourself.

This is my opinion. As you grow spiritually, you can manifest etheric or auric wings. You may feel tingling sensastion where the ethric field is located. The wings as far as I know are part of you etheric body. The etheric body is a life force made up of chi. The etheric wings do not appear physically in any way. There are many different types of etheric wings. They grow in shape and form as your knowledge expands. There are also a lot of different meanings to etheric wings. You can meditate and practice feeling the etheric wings. People often feel heat radiating from them. you can also practice shaping them and growing them in meditation.


Psychic Dependency by Iris

Note from Witchy: Here my friend Iris will tell you about a very serious problem among some people. Enjoy the post!

Psychic dependency is like any other addiction. For one thing its not good. One psychic can say one thing and another might say a totally different thing. Sometimes its not what you want to hear either. It seems to me they usually want a particular answer which you won’t always get. These people wait for tarot card readings to come true all day and they get angry when they don't. These people usually don’t feel like they are in control in their life so they rely on  a psychic to help them which is not the best way. psychics are to help guide us. they do not write a road map for us on how to live our lives. Anyway, these people who go to different psychics get conflicting answers. They hear the answer they don’t want and go to the next psychic. They want to hear a certain outcome and go over it and over it again. There is not a guarantee or such a thing as 100% accuracy when it comes to psychic abilities. I don’t care who you are, that’s not possible. It’s sad when people want to believe these claims are true. Even when psychics themselves believe what they predicated for you cannot be changed, F.Y.I. the future is not set in stone. people who depend on psychics  like this are very vulnerable and confused. Fake psychics can make thousands off of them and put them in the poor house. Truth is what people need to seek, not what they want. What we want is sometimes not good for our spirit and our journey. By the way when a psychic tells you the truth, you cannot blame them, you can only blame yourself for seeking your wants. Sometimes things are better left unknown until you live through the moment. The best way to avoid all this is learn to be in control and be empowered. Learn to take the bad and find light in those things. When life throws you lemons make lemonade. Readings can be wonderful and life changing if you have chosen the right psychic but do not rely on them constantly. They are just a helping hand so to speak. In regards to how often you seek a psychic, it depends on the question and the times. If it is a simple question, let it go, wait for the outcome at least a few months. If you’re in a bad situation and a question simple comes up that you can’t answer, then readings are there to give you guidance and understanding. That’s just my opinion.

Signs Of Psychic Dependency:

   1. calling or seeing a psychic more than once a month?
   2. spending more money than you can afford?
   3. fearful of making decisions without seeking the advice of a psychic or astrologer?
   4. sitting and waiting for predictions to come true?
   5. seeking out more than 2 or 3 different psychic advisors?

If you said yes to even one of these questions, you need to sit down and tell yourself you need more than just psychic advice. You need advice and the right guidance to take charge of your life again, like a psychiatrist or get a good book on self empowerment. I think we are our best psychics.

~ Iris

Theory On 2012

 Note from Witchy: 

Hey everyone! The Goddess has blessed us with another writer! Here my friend Saranel will tell you about her theory on what will happen in 2012! Enjoy!

Many, many people have an opinion on 2012, which is coming quickly upon us, and is only a short year away. Whether it be amazing, beauty, destruction, great horrors, great wonders, miracles, and rebirth, the opinion is there, many more times stronger, than weaker. I am not writing this to persuade, nor am I writing this just because I feel like it, and was bored. This is meant to make a statement, and make my thoughts on 21 December, 2012 crystal clear.

First and foremost, the world is changing. It is not changing overnight, or a terribly long time, or maybe it will. Nobody knows for sure how long it will take, but the truth is that
the world is changing for the better, once we reach that December night day. There are many conspiracies, thoughts, and theories on this date, but I am here to share my thoughts on this date.

There is a veil. This veil separates two worlds. Our world, right now, right here, is separated from the Elven world. Once upon a time, long, long ago, our worlds were one, but they separated from each other. On the other side of that veil, are many wonders, good and bad. It is a world that you would only imagine in your mind, or maybe in your astral travels, lucid dreams, or meditations. Maybe you lived a past life there, and maybe you didn't.

So, here we have the mortal realm, as well as the faery realm. Now, you must be wondering, what do these worlds have to do with each other? There is one big basis that we share with their realm: the Earth! Once we start the new age of next year, the Earth will be changing, hopefully for the better. The veil will start the lifting process, so that we can, so to speak, have the best of both worlds. This is a major change, and will be a major change. Right now, at this moment in time, we're already seeing changes.

More people will soon know about, and believe in the fae. If you are a first time reader, then you're seeing a tiny part of this transition right before your eyes. Right now, you are being told about the fae, informed about them, if you did not already know about them. Eventually, this belief will make the veil go away altogether. We will be, one day soon, coexisting with the fae, creatures that some of you may have thought never existed.

This will not happen overnight, though. The two worlds will become one through a length of time. That might be quick, and it might be short. This could take a hundred years, or it could take one. The truth will come out eventually, but how long is entirely up to you, the people. Remember that you are powerful, and soon, will be even more powerful. Don't take things for granted, either. Love to all of you, and remember, times will be changing. This shift will allow you to see things that amaze your eyes, amazing things right before your eyes, but this is also a very good thing as well.

           By: Saranel

Fae Day and Music

Hello again from SirZachary. I hope to let you all in on an upcoming holiday that we here at started to celebrate the Fae and our support for them. On May 24th, the reason we chose this day in particular is because it is also Mr. E’s birthday. I would invite you to join us in the celebration of humans and Fae. I thought I could provide some suggestions. It is no secret that humans like music and Fae do to. While their likes/dislikes very many of them are fans of traditional and classical music. I am talking about Celtic, Irish ect. If you play an instrument I am sure the Fae would welcome your music. If not break out your computers and look some up. You can play it on an electronic device if you are unable to play an instrument yourself.  Some of you may be aware that some Fae don’t take to kindly to the unnatural but I think that they should be ok with this. If you have any other suggestions I invite you to comment and maybe join the RealFairies community on our chat on that day at

~ SirZachary

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 6

The monsters had consumed me. I was now doomed to whatever fate these creatures left me to, which I thought would be to disappear into the darkness with which those abominations swallowed me up.

It occurred to me, however, that it seemed a bit strange that my thought-processes were still functioning.

Naturally, in attacking me, I assumed that those shadowy figures creatures meant to kill me.

Why, then, was I still able to think and attempt to comprehend the events that had just transpired?

... Or was this what being dead was like?

I slowly opened my eyes.

I was falling... At least I felt the sensation of falling.

No, wait... The more feeling was more akin to sinking through water.

Deeper and deeper, I descended; down into the depths of an endless, black ocean.

For some odd reason, my fall started to slow to a stop.

Turning upright, I landed on a surface that I could not see. Standing as if I were floating in mid air.

Upon making sure the floor I landed upon was steady, I looked around.

... Nothing. There was nothing to see in this space, devoid of any light around me.

How I could still make my own dim figure out when I looked down at my hands was a mystery.

I started to walk, hoping I would get somewhere as a result.

At this point, it seemed helping Jacob and that girl was an impossibility.

Though I lamented my failure, I knew I had to move on... That's just who I was:

Somebody who moves on from the pain and adversity in his life.

I walked until I suddenly felt my foot miss the floor.

"Whoa!" I cried out in shock and immediately jumped back.

The floor I was on didn't go on forever; there was an edge where I could fall off.

It occurred to me just then that this might be someplace I've seen before...

I looked down below me, and then I knelt down and felt the floor with my hands:

Just like I thought, the floor had cracks. Whatever I was standing on was fragmented...

I was standing on the same circular platform from my dream earlier... But all the light had faded from it.

The voice... It had said this was my heart.

Did this symbolize that my heart was now taken by darkness?

I was weary... I wanted to just collapse right there and fall asleep.

I slowly got down and sat on my rear end...

Hunched over and staring blankly off into space, my eyes started to close.

Long has the Almighty wandered...


It was a voice again... Much deeper, and commanding than the one I heard earlier...
Now the Heart of All Hearts has finally found a host.

A heart... Broken and in disrepair... Yet shining so brightly with will and power to live on.

Was it talking about me? That didn't make sense...

If what the voice from my earlier dream said was true, that where I was right now represented my heart, then there was nothing but darkness in my heart. No light to be seen anywhere.

So bright... And yet, so dark... A balance even more appealing and compatible.

But with the present state of affairs, you, boy, shan't survive...

Well... Thank you for telling me the obvious.

... Do you wish to go on?

That was a rather surprising question.

"I thought you'd never ask!" I said. "I-Is there really a way out of here?"

Yes... Under one condition...

A glimmer of hope shone before me. I stood up and addressed the voice formally.

"I understand! What are you asking of me?"

Pain... Suffering...

So much of these emotions pervade the hearts of many.

We will provide your life and freedom... In exchange for carrying out the task we have for you.


... Are you willing to accept the destiny we lay out for you?

I don't know why this voice was being so cryptic... But did it matter to me?

If this voice had the ability to get me somewhere, then I'd take it up on its offer...

Maybe I could even go back and help the others!

With renewed resolve to go on, I replied to the voice:

"I accept!"

The moment I said that, there was a twinkle in the sky directly above me.

Being the only source of light in this dark void, I instantly noticed it and looked up.

Upon doing so, a massive downpour of light came down and formed a huge column of white in front of me.

Startled, I stumbled backwards. "W-What in the world?!"

Just what the heck was up with today and giant masses of light flashing everywhere?!

The light eventually enveloped everything...

A few seconds later, the light subsided and I looked around me.

The sky was tinted an azure blue with a surreal glow in the air around me.

I looked down, the light had been restored to the circular platform.

Even more surprising was that the cracks were gone! The floor was made whole again...

And in the middle of the structure, in place of that obscured fact, was a large sword-like structure sheathed into the ground, glowing a warm blue with specks of golden light from the huge flash earlier still lingering around it.

Take what is before you, the envoy that marks the beginning of your story.

I walked towards the object and slowly, hesitantly, reached for what appeared to be the handle.

Upon grabbing it, another strange feeling pulsed through my body again... Similiar to when I grabbed that girl's Keyblade earlier...

But it was still different, this wasn't a Keyblade... At least not right now it wasn't.


The voice sounded somewhat confused.

It appears... that a key component is missing.

The completion of this Key shall be another one of your tasks.

Oh great... More work.

Create the Key of the Beginning... Then shall your journey to the end of the hurt begin.

So... Wait, how was I going to get out of here? I still didn't know.

Until then... You must rely on the power of your heart alone...

Upon saying that line, a bunch of those shadowy creatures appeared around me like before.

This time even more fearsome than usual... Something appeared to be provoking them.

Purge the last of the foreign darkness...

Think of this as a test.

The item strongly resembling a Keyblade suddenly moved me into a combative stance.

I don't know for sure... But it was as though it beckoned me to fight.

I readied myself mentally, it was about time I finally stopped running from these monsters.

The first of the creatures jumped at me.

Easily, almost as though I had some superhuman ability, I sliced clean through it and readied myself for the next attacker... What kind of fighting instinct had suddenly awoken in me?

Two of the shadows decided to attack together and, slashing horizontally, I dispatched them just as easily as I had the first of the monsters.

After that, all of them just rushed in and in response, without even thinking, I wove a flurry of strikes and blows around me that decimated every single one of them.

I finished them off and suddenly loosened the tension in my body... What just happened?

How in the world did I manage to fight them all of like that?

Being incomplete... You cannot summon this Legend from the depths of your heart...

Then a different voice spoke, the voice that spoke from my first dream.

Another blade shall substitute...

Your own... Born from the strength and power of your heart;

"My... Own? Angel?" I asked out loud...

Your strength has been awakened, brought out by a strong heart with another destiny.

One now strongly intertwined with your own.

Then the deeper voice spoke again:


Save them whose hurt knows no bounds.

Then the whole place started to light up, eventually consuming everything so I couldn't see.

"Agh! So bright!"

The last thing I heard before the light overtook everything was that voice:

... Chosen One.

Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 5

I was running towards the park, going the direction that girl from before sped off towards, when all of a sudden there was another flash of light in the sky. The ground shook violently and the tremor was immediately followed by a powerful wind that pushed strongly against me.

"Ack!" I had to struggle to stay in place. I planted my feet firmly on the ground and hunched over to reduce any wind resistance to avoid being blown away.

The large, black figure
Once the gale had subsided, I looked up to see a massive black figure, not unlike the monsters from before, towering over the buildings in the distance.

To be specific, it looked as though it was right in the park.

Wait... But the park was still several blocks away! Just how big was this thing?!

I gaped at the size of this thing until more of it started to appear, which sort of reminded me why I was heading toward the park in the first place.

The orphanage was very close in proximity to the park. Though I was initially only worried that somebody who was still there could've been in danger, my fears were now confirmed with the sight before me.

Now I was absolutely certain that if anybody was still there, they'd be right next to these huge monsters!

I had to do something, so I started running again until the park, along with all of the giant shadowy creatures, finally came into view.

Just a little off in the distance I could make out that girl from before, a brilliant beacon of white moving furiously among the black figures around her. Of course, I couldn't really see what she was doing very well because she was extremely fast.

I knew she was fighting the monsters around her... But how in the world would she deal with the several creatures around her that were as tall as skyscrapers?!

One raised its massive arm and clenched its fist in a fashion that implied an intent to crush the girl into the ground.

"Watch out!" I shouted but my warning wouldn't have helped anyway; the raised fist came crashing down onto where the girl was, causing a sizable crater where it hit.

Fortunately, the girl had nimbly dodged to the side of the attack. She then jumped on top of the creature's arm, running up the black appendage until she jumped, bringing her right in front of the monster's face.

She raised her weapon from before and slahsed down fiercely, splitting the hulking black mass clean in two.

Hold on a minute... Did...

Did that girl really just cleave that thing in two with a single blow?!

I shook my head to give myself a reality check.

Right, I still had to get to the orphanage.

I circumvented the park, making sure I wouldn't interfere with the girl's fight.

Haha, yeah, I say that, but I simply didn't want to catch the attention of any of the black creatures that were closer to me than to her.

I'd have to say these creatures were focused, concentrating on only one target when a much more vulnerable one was nearby.

So far, things were okay. None of the creatures expressed any hostility towards me as they went only for the girl so I could keep on running around the park towards the direction of the oprhanage.

That is... Until I saw the huge portal spewing out darkness at the base of the old cherry blossom tree in the center of the park.


Memories flashed into my mind, both happy and sad.

Memories of love, of pain, of a certain somebody who left.

Memories I had locked away, intricately linked to the tree now shrouded in black.

I wanted to save the tree but hey, what could I do? I simply kept running.

As my eyes turned from the tree, I noticed somebody, just barely, covered by the debris from the gazebo which had collapsed.

I didn't want to get anywhere near the fight between the girl and the black monsters but it looked like all the creatures were occupied in fighting the girl with the sword-like object.

It still seemed like none of them noticed me... Or perhaps I was just a low priority target and was ignored accordingly.

Either way, the situation appeared to be in my favor; I think I could safely rescue the person collapsed over there without engaging any of the creatures.

I ran over to the collapsed person...

"Hey! Hello? Are you okay?" I shook the person's shoulder, hoping he or she would wake up.

Hoping I could tell who it was if I turned them over, as they were laying down, I lifted off some of the rocks that were covering them and dragged the person out from underneath.

I turned the person over and gasped; it was Jacob!

I had to get him out of here, but how? How could I carry him away without being so slow as to jeopardize both of us?

Smaller creatures
Apparently, my thoughts about being attacked jinxed me right there and then.

Black creatures smaller than the ones I saw earlier appeared around me. They seemed to be less powerful than the other monsters. Regardless, they were still the same type of monster; I couldn't afford to let my guard down.

That said, what could I do? I was still surrounded, any attempts to fight back would be futile as I learned a little while ago, and I had an unconscious 16 year old to protect...

"Can't take a hint, huh?"

I looked toward the direction of the voice to see several beams of light fly in my general direction and pierce the small creatures around me, erasing them instantly.

The girl landed to my side and took a combative stance, not looking at me at all and concentrating on her surroundings but still scolding me nonetheless.

"Didn't I tell you to stay out of this? You're in the way."

"My friend could've died!" I replied, maybe being a little unnecessarily defensive.

"It was perfectly within my ability to save your friend while fighting. Your attracting attention towards yourself and your friend there did not help his situation any."

I bit my lip, she was right... I had just been impulsive.

"Just... Who are you?" I asked.

"I already told you to not ask any questions!" she replied sharply. "And what do you want more, an answer to your question or getting out of here alive?"

"I'd like both, actually, thank you very much!"

Just then, there was a huge roar.
I turned my head towards the cherry blossom tree, or what was left of it anyway, and the black portal to see that the portal had increased in size and that there was a giant, purple-shaded claw reaching out of the portal.

"Dammit!" The girl cursed and started running towards the portal while hacking through any of the monsters in her way while yelling back, "You get out of here now if you know what's good for you!"

As if I had a choice now! I turned towards Jacob to try and pick him up to see a gigantic foot materialize a few feet away from us; it was another one of the huge shadows!

"Uhh..." Honestly, I don't think I could be blamed at all for not knowing what to do in that situation and standing there looking like an idiot.

The large, heart-shaped crevice in the center of the monster began to glow a dark purple and a large orb of energy formed.

I gulped. "This isn't good!"

I tried to pick up Jacob and run away just at the creature launched its attack towards us. I probably wouldn't have survived if that girl hadn't immediately intercepted the attack and shot a wave of ice that instantly froze and shattered the massive black creature in front of her.

She then appeared to turn her attention toward the creature that was coming out of, or had come out of the portal earlier but before she, or me for that matter, could react, a lightning fast, quadrupedal creature flew towards her from the side.

Though she managed to block with her weapon, the creature struck her with such a force that it sent her flying off into a rock and made her let go of her weapon.

It actually landed quite close to me, spinning in the air until it stabbed into the ground.

How could the girl fight without her weapon? I had to get it back to her.

I put Jacob down and ran towards the sword-like object, hoping that with that weapon in my hands, I would direct any hostile attention unto me and away from him.

As I grabbed the handle of the weapon, I suddenly had this strange pulsating feeling...

Again, it was as though the object was something I had been using all my life... It felt so familiar. All at once, I suddenly whispered to myself the name of the weapon.


The Angel's Blessing Keyblade.

Wait, how did I know that?

Whatever, it didn't matter. I had to get this to that girl over there as soon as possible.

I was right; taking the weapon, er... "Keyblade", instantly gave me the attention of all the monsters around.

Heck, the effect was akin to what would've happened had I just shouted out, "I'm right here! Come eat me or something!"

This certainly didn't make my day.

I looked toward the girl who was pinned down by that four-legged, purple-colored creature with glowing red eyes.

Shoot! She was in danger already! I started running towards her only to find several of the black creatures barring my way.

Perhaps now I could actually fight with these creatures. One of them lunged toward me and I retaliated by striking it with the Keyblade.

It worked! The creature that attacked disappeared before me eyes as the keyblade struck it.

With regained confidence, I ran towards the creatures barring my way to try and get to the girl. It didn't look like they could stop me anymore.

... Of course, just then, one of the larger creatures, the ones taller than buildings, appeared in front of me.

I didn't really have much of a chance against that thing now, did I?

Ugh, I shouldn't have come here; that girl wouldn't have been pinned down because she wouldn't have had to protect me while fighting and maybe Jacob would've been safer underneath all that rubble, where he might've been able to get by without being noticed.

The huge creature in front of me raised its fist and slammed into the ground in front of me, digging into it and creating a swirling, dark vortex which sucked me in.

It seemed as though I had no choice but to succumb to the darkness now...

I simply closed my eyes right there and then and waited as I drowned in that sea of black, apologizing in my head to everyone, the people I had let down right there and then and all the other times in my life...

Then a voice spoke out...

Yeah, the very same voice from the dream I had earlier.

The time has come...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 4

"Under attack?!"

Suprising as it was, after thinking about it a little bit more, it seemed awfully unlikely that such a peaceful town would suddenly be attacked.

"Why would anybody 'attack' a town?!" I asked Hayden. "What motivation could they possibly have? More importantly, who are they and how are they they attacking the town?"

Hayden had finally calmed down and sat down up against the wall for support.

"The question shouldn't be 'who is attacking the town' but 'what is attacking the town'"

Okay, now what was that supposed to mean? "Don't speak in riddles, just tell me what you mean."

"It's these monsters! They suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started attacking people and destroying everything!"

"Monsters..." That dream suddenly flashed back into my memory.

"Wait, Hayden! Tell me!" I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt to make sure he understood exactly what I was about to say.

"Tell me, were these monsters black with gold eyes?!"

He seemed surprised. "Y-Yeah... Wait! How'd you know tha—"

I let go of him immediately and ran past him outside and around to the back of my house where the shed was to get my bike.

Hayden had gotten up to run after me.

"Sol! It's too dangerous!" He yelled after me, "I only came to warn you so you could evacuate before they came here as well!"

I started to bike down the driveway, stopping only to yell back to Hayden.

"Hayden, you take shelter like everyone else is supposed to, alright?! I'm going to see what's going on with my own eyes."

With that, I put my foot on the pedal and sped off.

"No! Sol! You don't understand!"

Too late, I was already well on my way.

I was absolutely certain that the monsters in town were the same as the ones that appeared in my dream. Somehow, I just knew...

But what did this mean? Why were they here?

And above all, what WERE they?


By the time I got to town, half of the buildings were on fire, others destroyed.

There were no signs of people at all... That either meant that they had evacuated or...

... Or they were no more.

I got off my bike and walked towards the town square, looking around to make sure there wasn't anybody trapped or left behind. I didn't see anybody... But I didn't see any of the monsters from my dream either.

What happened here?! How could things have changed so much in town when all I did at home was take a small nap?!

All of a sudden, I felt a strange presence around me. I kept walking but it was as though I just stepped past a marsh or a swamp...

"Stepped past"... There was something behind me!

I jumped forward and swung around to see what it was...

The ground beneath where I was standing just moments ago darkened, eventually forming a pool of some sort of black substance.

From it, something started to materialize: It had a humanoid-like torso, long sharp claws, and piercing gold eyes.

There it was... Exactly the same monstrosity I remembered from that dreamlike experience I had.

More started to appear around me... No! I had to run before I was-

I looked around to find myself surrounded by these creatures, exactly the same way in the dream.

No way was I going to let the same thing happen to me again!

Fortunately for me, one of the creatures was too hasty in his attack; he leaped toward me but there was too much distance between us and the jump was slow enough, just barely, for me to step aside and run through the gap the creature made in the formation.

I started running. What could I possibly fight these things with?!

I looked around me as I ran, knowing the monsters were in hot pursuit behind me.

Aha! I saw a metal bat in the broken display case of a sports equipment store...

No, I'm not a shoplifter... This was just an emergency.

I quickly ran toward it, grabbed it, and turned around.

Here we go... Moment of truth.

I took a batter's stance and when the closest of the creatures leapt at me.

"Back off, you!" I swung at the assailant with all my strength.

The creature should have been hit by the full force of my swing along with it essentially speeding straight into my bat.

... At least it should have.

It felt like I didn't hit anything at all. In fact, it simply dissipated into a gaseous state and reformed almost completely like before as though I didn't hit it at all.

... Wait, what?

Crap! I had to get away!

I dropped the bat, breaking into a run that let me narrowly dodge the swipe made at me.
But I was blocked off... Several of the monsters had jumped in front of my general direction.

I was surrounded again... And this time, by several more of the creatures than I was trapped by initially.

What could I do? I stood helplessly as the abominations slowly inched their way toward me, making them seem all the more menacing. Even they seemed to acknowledge that their prey now had no chance of escape.

Damn it! Was this it?! Was I going to die without achieving anything or helping anybody?!


Just then, somebody came down from above and landed right in front of me.

It was too dark so I couldn't tell who it was or what they looked like, but whoever it was stood upright and raised their hand into the sky.

Then something incredible happened.

From the raised hand a massive pillar of light shot straight into the sky, piercing the dark storm clouds that covered the sky and causing the creatures to hesitate in their advance.

"Whoa!" I shouted out in surprise; The sheer blast of force made by this action was immense!

Almost being blown away entirely, I fell backwards and attempted to shield myself against the raging winds and blinding light with my arms.

After the light subsided, I lowered my guard and looked up...
The clouds in the immediate area had been pushed away, leaving a clear sky; The full moon was shining and tiny glowing feathers were falling from above.

Right there and then, illuminated by the light of the full moon, I saw before me, garbed in a dress as pure and white as the first snowfall of winter, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my entire life.

With skin as pristine as the dress she wore, long, flowing, jet black hair, and chocolate brown eyes, she held in her hands a sword-like object that was also pure white, tinted with blue, and adorned with wing-like structures.

I could only gape at the sight of the girl for a few seconds as she instantly disappeared. I looked around until I saw she was behind me.

She whispered back: "Don't move" and then she disappeared again.

Hey, it's not like I could move even if I wanted to.

The girl engaged in conflict with the creatures, at least that's what I could tell from the few glimpses I had of her slashing through the monsters with her sword-like object, cleaving through them like butter.

She was so fast that I could barely keep up with my eyes, seeing her on one side of me for less than a second and then disappearing to the other side before I could blink.

When all of them had been vanquished, she gracefully landed in front of me and stared at me, still awestruck on the floor.

"You..." Hey, she said something! "I suggest you find shelter; if you couldn't figure it out yourself, this isn't the optimal place for the likes of ordinary pedestrians."

"But I have to make sure everyone's alrig-"

She interrupted me. "No exceptions and no questions." And with that, she made a dash toward the town square.
I wasn't going to leave the hands of everyone I knew and cared for in the hands of a stranger! As pretty as that girl was, she'd have to think twice before telling off the likes of me from helping my friends.

I stood up. Although it took a little while to stop my legs from shaking, I straighted myself up, regained my composure, and started running toward the townsquare.

I thought a little bit more about the situation as I ran.

Who was that girl? Why was she here?

And above all, what was that weapon in her hands that managed to successfully strike down these monsters?

The sight of it left me with a very... Familiar feeling....


Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 3

————— Home Town —————

I awoke to a blinding light...

... Well, they say third time's the charm.

Somebody was shaking me... I think.

"Yo, Solo, wake up! Come on!"
I managed to get one eye open.

Apparently I wasn't drowning in a sea of darkness; all the other kids, along with an adult or two, from the orphanage were sitting around in a circle in the gazebo at the park while the sun was setting while I was sitting on a chair at the edge of the circle.

Hayden had grabbed my leg while he was on the floor and shaking it, whispering that I should wake up or else—

Draw attention to myself? I evidently saw that had already happened.

Everybody was now staring at me!

Oh joy...


Oh, Margie...

Margaret was an outrageously tall orphan girl a year younger than I was, all the kids at the orphanage called her Margie.

She was standing in the middle of the circle holding up a packet most likely containing donations that would serve as funding for the trip we were discussing and a pamphlet containing information about where the trip would be.

I considered Margie a friend; she was an outgoing and perky person, someone fun to hang out with.

Unless she had sugar.

Oh man, you do not know the terror of Margaret having sug—

"Care to explain to me what we've been talking about this entire time, Sol?"

"O-Oh... Um." I stuttered.

Despite being the oldest orphan in the community, I couldn't stand up to Margie when she decided to be responsible and strict once in a blue moon. "Care to, uh... Repeat that?"

Margie sighed. "Honestly? I spend the last 5 minutes talking over this trip that YOU first suggested taking via the excess funds this orphanage has accumulated and you fall asleep?"

She opened up the pamphlet in my general direction, and started speaking. Presumably about whatever our travel plans would be.

Of course, I didn't listen; I simply stared in her general direction and nodded if it seemed as though she was questioning my understanding of whatever she was saying. I preferred to devote such time to more pressing matters.

Thinking about that dream-like experience where I was smothered by hideous black things for example.

Was that really just a dream? It seemed all too real.

Perhaps it was some sort of hallucination, that would explain how I magically seemed to wake up in the middle of this meeting while it was...

I checked my phone.

While it was 4:20 in the afternoon with everyone acting as though I was already here from the start of meeting when the only thing I remembered before the dream was falling asleep in my room with the sun finally out of the way.

Ah, whatever... It doesn't matter much at the moment.

Margie said I suggested this trip, that was correct. Thus, I knew about most of the plans already from discussing with the supervisors of the orphanage.
We were planning to take a train to the beach, all of us over the age of 3.The money would be used to accomodate our stay at a hotel nearby the beach for about 2 days and then we'd all return on the train.

It was a nice idea, catching the last of the summer heat before fall hit.

You're probably wondering why fall hasn't hit already when it's mid October. We have global warming to thank for that! The forecast also predicted that this heat streak would continue well on into next week, which is when our trip would be.

"Are you listening?!"

I nodded fervently.

It's easy to work with Margie on matters like these.

A small whisper came from the left.

"Heh, dude, you're such a jerk."

It was Jacob. He was 16 like me, just a little bit younger.

You know that friend you have that you do the most screwed up things with? Yup, that's what Jake and I do together. He probably caught on to the fact that I was paying absolutely no attention at all to Margie.

"Hey, you'd do the same thing in my position." I whispered back when Margie turned around.

"Would I do that? Come now..."

Oh... We were starting that again.

"Umm... Yes, my dear sir. Frankly, I'm quite certain you would."


"Well, excuse me, you rambunctious tart."
"Oh, that's the way it's going to go, is it? Well have at you, boy!"

After a small, two second silence, we both held our mouths shut to prevent ourselves from cracking up laughing.

Jacob may not be the guy you can rely on for everything, but he was a funny guy to have around.

The meeting lasted until around 5, the remaining time spent mostly by the some of the kids pointing out various preferences or complaining about certain parts of the trip. Then everyone headed back towards the orphanage for dinner.

I said my goodbyes to my friends and started walking in the opposite direction towards my house.

I stopped by a convenience store on the way home, said hi to the friendly old man who was the clerk, and bought some ice cream, sea-salt ice cream to be specific.

Good stuff, I'll tell you that much; It has this sweet but salty taste, pretty unique...


I laid my head down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling window. It was getting somewhat dark already and the moon was out.

"Full moon today, huh..." I said aloud to myself.

Gazing at the moon like this was one of my favorite things to do, especially if the moon was out during the afternoon.

The sun as it dipped down beyond the horizon casted a brilliant shade of fading orange across the sky which served to further eccentuate the image I was seeing now.
I could feel my eyes drooping.

I should probably have had dinner but I actually went back to the convenience store and bought more sea-salt ice cream.

It kind of ruined my appetite.

"Ahh..." I sighed. "A nice end to a perfectly regular day..."

I had all but forgotten about the dream I had at that point, which was a good thing I suppose. I was content with how today went; my thoughts hadn't slipped at all to the events of last year, meaning that I was probably over what had happened, that I no longer troubled myself with thoughts of her.

My eyes finally dropped to a close and my last thoughts before falling asleep was:

Things are okay like this... I think life's going to be okay from now on.


I awoke to the sound of howling winds, debris flying around and hitting the walls of my house, and somebody mashing the doorbell.

Looking straight up to the ceiling window, I saw dark clouds surging with lightning and rain pouring down.

I got up, changed from my pajamas to regular clothing, and ran downstairs to open the door.

It was Hayden again.

Drenched, wearing torn clothes, and panting as though he had run all the way here.
"Sol! You have to come quick! The town! The town is—"

Hayden went into a fit of coughing right after he started trying to talk.

I patted him on the back and tried to get him to explain what was going on, why he was at my house at what seemed to be in the middle of the night.

"Hayden, calm down! Tell me what's going on!"

Hayden eventually settled down, looked up and stared me in the eyes with a pained look on his face.

"Sol..." He started to choke up again. "The town... The town's under attack."

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped in shock.

I was left with more questions than I had before I asked Hayden why he was here.

Everything was just fine a few hours ago... What happened?

Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 2

Open your eyes...

What the... I could have sworn I just heard a voice right about now.

Do you intend to lie here forever?

Okay... I think I'm officially schizophrenic.

But whoever's voice this was, it had a point. This place wasn't home, I had to find out just where exactly I was.

I tried lifting myself up, which normally wouldn't be so difficult a task except my body felt so much heavier than it usually did... Was it because I was legitimately fatigued or was it because of an entirely different force?

I finally managed to sit straight up, but I still had my eyes closed. Opening them proved to be much more of an ordeal than one would expect; it was as difficult for me as it'd be for a man who lived in a dark cave all his life and then was suddenly hit by a search light.

I stood up, albiet stumbling a little, blinked to focus my eyesight, and took a look around:

Nothing... There was nothing but an dark, empty landscape around me.

Not even solid ground, just a bleak sky devoid of color.

"Just... What is this place?"

The answer... Will soon come

It was that voice from earlier.

"You again! Who are you? Where are you?"

I looked around frantically but like the first time I looked around, I saw no one. I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from.

Was it even a voice? I couldn't deny the possibility that what I was "hearing" was not a sound but a... I don't know, telepathic message? Perhaps it stemmed from my own head even!

I am you.

"N-Now that's just creepy."

Hearing that felt a bit unnerving, but so far I couldn't perceive any threat so I continued to question this "voice".

"What am I doing here? How did I get here?"

Are you so blinded from your own light?

Look below you...

Oh right... It defied logic that I had yet to look upon the source of light from below me considering that was the first thing I noticed when regaining consciousness.

I looked down, and what I saw below me was absolutely astonishing.

What I was standing on was a circular platform, not unlike in design to a stained glass window that you might find in a respected building such as a cathedral, with a design detailing places and people that were familiar to me...

Most peculiar, however, was that the entire floor was fractured, containing various splits and fissures that all lead from a central crack in the middle of the circle.

Why did the crack come from the middle? Upon looking closer at the area, the crack obscured somebody's face... The best I could make out of the person was that he or she had blond hair...

A shattered heart cannot survive long.

Something must be done lest the rest of your being falls apart.

"H-Hold on a minute! This is MY heart?!"

I yelled at the voice in no particular direction...

The silence that came from my inquiry seemed to imply that it indeed was my own heart.
"Who do you think you are?! Claiming to be me, saying that this fractured mess of a picture is my heart?! Who are you to judge me?!"

Right as I said that, there was a great tremor and the fractures became greater in size, further tearing the floor apart.

Then a gaseous substance started to flow out of the enlarged cracks, black and thick in appearance, and started to form into grotesque monstrosities with piercing gold eyes.

I shouted out in surprise as I became surrounded by shadowy figures. "What the heck?! What are these things?!"

Sol... The light within you will soon die.

Overcome by the pain and suffering that empowers the darkness within you.

What was THAT supposed to mean? In any case, I didn't have any time to contemplate the meaning of such words; the monsters were closing in.

Doubtful that whatever physical prowess I was in possession of would do me little good considering I was currently in a rather sluggish state, I stood still and watched the abominations around me slowly come closer until they pounced.

I couldn't breathe, I was being smothered by these creatures...

It felt as though I was drowning and unable to see anything, all the while feeling as though I was being torn apart by the monsters.

The last thing I heard was the voice speaking:

Something... Must be done.

Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 1

You want a story, eh? Well... I suppose I've got one to tell.

It's my story: It's a bit weird, it has its quirks, and I'm fairly certain it'll make some of you start smiling like idiots...

But hey, you want a story right?

So I'll give you one and as an added bonus, I'll start from the very beginning.

Now let's turn back the clock, shall we?

————— Home Town —————

Ugh... Another day.

What day is it? Oh right... Saturday, 19th of October.


No school.

I awoke to a blinding light...

My stupid bedroom has a ceiling window that lets the sun in at around 9:00 every morning regardless of what time of the year it is.

This means no oversleeping beyond that.

Sighing, I got out of bed. At least there wasn't any school today, I don't think I could handle much more of it.

What point was there in school? To learn and become a better member of society? Well... That's not going to happen considering the position I'm in.

Hi, I'm a 16 year old high school sophomore, name's Sol.

... Yeah, that's right, I'm named after the sun. Haters gonna hate.

Did I mention I'm an orphan? I have absolutely no idea what happened to my parents, nobody else knows either. Since as far back as I can remember, I've been taken care of by the government.

If I'd describe my social life, I'd say I have a few friends,

nice people, people you can rely on, but nobody that really understands me.

I don't blame them, I don't understand myself most of the time, hahahaha.

I went downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast... Though I'm an orphan, it's not as though I can't take care of myself. I was taken out of the orphanage at about a year ago because I insisted for the longest time that I wanted to be on my own, to the point it's been pretty annoying.

So some people in the higher ups of the government that finally got fed up with my constant nagging saved bit by bit personally until they bought me my own home so I could move out.

That was kind of them... Was that legal? I didn't care

I wanted to be independent and so I threw myself into a situation where I had to be.

So far, so good.

Wondering what to make in the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

Upon checking who it was, it was Hayden, an old buddy who's also an orphan.

He didn''t wait for me to say anything; the moment I open the door, he just says right upfront to me: "Hey, Sol... Everyone's meeting up down by the park downtown later. You coming?"

"Well..." I said, "You're certainly very upfront and informal..."

When Hayden said that "Everyone" was meeting at the park, he was referring to the other orphan kids.

Now if only I could remember why we were mee-

"Oh right... Yeah, the issue of gathering enough money to leave town on that trip, right?"

"Right-o, Solo!" Hayden tended to poke fun at the fact that I spent a lot of time alone. "You're coming, right?"

I shrugged. "Well, I've got nothing better to do. What time is it?"

Hayden struggled for a bit... Ha, looks like he didn't remember very well himself.

"Uh... I think at around 4?"

I was still half-asleep and just wanted the guy out of my hair, so I just said, "Oh, okay, see you later then." and slammed the door in his face.

Was that cruel? Nah, people are used to such actions when it comes to me.

They know I just cope with what happened last year by being like that.

I went back to the kitchen and started to fry an egg and looked at the clock on the counter, still 6 hours until the meeting time.

The egg was done cooking...

... So I ate it...

Cool story, huh? Well, it only gets more boring from here on out.

To be honest, I had been playing Accost of Responsibility: Updated Military Combat 2 until about 3 in the morning so really I had only gotten 6 hours of sleep and woke up horribly to burning sunrays in my eyes.


That said, I had eaten my share of food and felt pretty damn tired, so I decided that it might do me some good to get some sleep until the meeting.

Fortunately, the sky seemed to be getting cloudy so I set the alarm on my phone for 3:30, went back upstairs to my bedroom, and fell on my bed like a dead person.

It didn't take long to get back to sleep, thank goodness...

 ————— Station of Awakening —————

I awoke to a blinding light...

Wait, what? Deja vu much?

As I came to my senses it occurred to me that I was laying down on a bright surface. A VERY bright surface... What kind of a floor emits light? Ugh.

What did I know at this point? This wasn't my bedroom. This wasn't my bed.