Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I Bought At The Fair

I bought many different items at the fair. I swear every time I turned around there was something so beautiful, fun, creative, and overall so uniquelly amazing! I took pictures of everything I bought there except the herbs I bought. I bought motherwort, mugwort, and hawthorn so if you know any recipes or anything I can do with them please tell me! And now picture time!

Click Here to See The Website for the Fair

This is the newspaper they gave us at the entrance! The picture on the front is also on a small green t-shirt I got there.

The candle and soaps I got at the same store/booth. The candle is soy and was only $5 because the owners are discontinuing making them in color. Apparently the color doesn't hold up well with the heat. The soaps are so awesome smelling! They have oatmeal in them which makes them great for your skin.

This tea steeper with the sun design was too beautiful to pass up and the tea to go with it sounds very yummy! I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it will be delicious.

Okay you may not know this but I LOVE crafts! I croquet and the yarn seen above is so soft! The mixed colored one is made out of bunny hair! The natural dye really is so beautiful and the prices weren't bad either. The totally orange one was $9 and the mixed colored one was $12. The picture above that is of a felting kit I got with a dragonfly pattern. I really love dragonflies. I plan on croqueting a bag from the yarn and using the felted square to make a pocket.

That green herb above is called Sweet Annies and it's the most wonderfull smelling plant! I am planning on making a fall wreath with it. The smell is suppose to last up to a year. As for the cute little pumpkin...How could I resist!? I'm probably going to paint on it.

Okay this organic catnip toy is seriously fresh! My cat was going insane over it! She was tossing it around, clawing it, and rubbing it all over her face. She was in cat heaven and then proceeded to go pig out on her dry food.

This beautiful bowl was bought from a guy who truly has followed through with his dream. He decided that he wanted to make ceramics and explore and photograph caves and now he does both! He gives tours of caves to people and sells his pottery. Some of his pottery has bats on it too. He is truly an inspiration.

I got this birch bark bracelet in the Native American tent of the fair. I am thinking that I'm going to paint little birch trees on it.

I'll try to remember to post pictures of the end products from the crafts. For now blessings to you all!


ArtSings1946 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip with your followers. I feel like I was almost there. Love and Light, Happiness and Abundance to ALL

Witchy said...

You all are so welcome. It was such an amazing trip I just had to share. Love and light to all!