Love can Heal the World

Imagine if everyone promoted love and hope. I wonder what the universe would be like. I just realized that love needs to be promoted much more. I mean physically and mentally. If there could be a group of people like an organization that just promoted love and togetherness, I bet we could change the world. What if every energy manipulator gave as much love energy they could to every person they see and meditated and projected as much love into the universe. Every little bit of love could grow and grow until everyone and everything lived, breathed, and made every action solely to make other people happy. I know this probably sounds crazy but I think everyone should stop dreaming of a world of light and love and start making it happen. What do you think?

Spread the love and make it a reality!

Note from Witchy:
This something my new writer Iris sent me. I thought it would go well under this section.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. Love is just a pansy wansy emotion. It’s just an emotion. Well it’s not. It’s the most powerful thing in the universe. It’s the most beautiful kind of magic too. You’re probably raising your eyebrows at this moment and thinking boy is this chick odd. What I learned is love can be used for many things, not just as an emotion. It can be used as a powerful force against evil & negativity. Take the unseelie for an example. Say one of them is bothering you and nothing works. Use love and they will go away as if someone is lighting them on fire. They do not understand love so love can damage them when it is directed at them.. You can also make a shield of love. Love is also healing. You can also raise someone’s vibration with love. It could be a powerful thing when sparing. This may sound so hippie (which I'm not) but we were designed for love. Designed to love one another (other beings as well) and to care for each other and Mother. That is what we are meant to contribute to the world. There may always be war and beings with bad intent but their is always love and light in the darkest places. We need to do what is right in this world. Even though its hard to we must. Love is the key to life. I know so sappy but it has a huge ring of truth. Do remind the people you care about or beings how much you care for them by saying the three magical words. At the drop of a dime things can change.

Raising Someone’s Vibration:

It depends how much of energy work you know. If you’re well into energy work then you can do this. Say this person has been horrible to you, rude etc. You can simply raise their vibrations by lifting their energy to a greater level of being and filling the soul with pure love. It is hard at times but the results are worth it.

Shielding With Love:

It’s easy! Just surround yourself with pure love, like a bubble around you, and presto you’re protected.

Countering The Unseelie With Love:

It can be simple. Go to your core energy and fill it with love. Expanding it, make the love go through your fingers and out of your body towards your desired target. It should scare away any unwanted creatures.

Sending Love:

It goes like this. You feel the emotion of love and a pink light submerges you. Think of the person clearly and their connection towards you. Then send it through your hands. The best part is you don’t have to see them or be in the same place.

Healing Love:

It’s really simple. Just send the purest love to the person in need. This takes time and maybe a few days.

Getting Love From The Universe:

It is the best thing to do when doing all the above. Imagine the universe, the heavens and the stars.  Politely ask the universe for love. Imagine them sending it to you from the heavens. The light of love flows down from the heavens and submerges into to you. Don’t forget to say thanks.

Sparing with love:

you can make energy balls.

~ Iris


ArtSings1946 said...

A Good and Happy Day To You! Oh, this is so what I've been trying to do for some time now. Love is all there is really, that sounds simple, but it seems that human-kind just doesn't get it. That's because our emotions, fears and thoughts stop us from being happy and content and good and kind to ourselves and others. We have to work at being positive, which can be so hard when things seem bleak. We should try to be "mindful" or another way to put it is becoming aware or an awakening if you please. I try to think positive, feel those yucky feelings and let them go, write my affirmations every morning (or at least say them) and carry on. Many times I find this so hard to do. I love this post!

Witchy said...

Thank you so much. I feel the exact same way and I should probably try positive affirmations too. It seems that human kind has missed the point. Love is what is needed and I felt it needed it own personal page.