Monday, September 26, 2011

A Fantastic Way to Celebrate Mabon!

Sorry everyone for the fact I did not post Short Story Saturday this week. I was occuped at The Common Ground Fair for organic famers in Unity Maine. It was an absolutely amazing fair and the best way I could have celebrated Mabon! They had amazing food, music, and crafts! Some of the products are just the most creative things I've ever seen! The people there were all so kind, happy, and interesting. This one guys does cave exploration tours and ceramics. He said he followed his dream and turned it into a reality. I got a lot of stuff there and saw a lot of animals. Overall a wonderful experience and I highly recommend you see it next year if your in the area.

Luckily for all of you I took some pictures!

The next one is of Havest Stew I ate at the fair for lunch. It was absolutely delicious with rice, beans, carrots, corn, peanuts, and a bunch of other vegetables. Different but good!

I'll be posting a separate post of all the stuff I got there soon so be sure to look for it! Blessing to all and I hope you had a wonderful Mabon! Actually what do you guys do for Mabon? I'm very curious to know!


Paige in a Book said...

For Mabon my brother and I harvested some herbs in my herb garden and we harvested some of the vegetables I have in the garden. On the last day we had a big feast of my stew, slices of bread, apples, and a fruit salad with fresh spearmint.

Witchy said...

Mmmm! Sounds wonderful! I would be very interested to know your stew and salad recipe! Harvesting herbs and vegetables sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.