Monday, December 12, 2011

Putting the Witch in a Box

I often feel as if I am constantly putting the witchy side of myself in a box in order to get things done and spend time with friends and family. I need pack that part of myself away and only when the time is right take the witch out to play. Is it suppose to be this difficult? Why does it seems like being a witch is further complicating my life and holding me back when it should be moving me forward? I especially feel that I have trouble getting close to people and let them fully know my soul. I love being a witch but often I feel ties me too much to another world. I almost wish currently that I could strip myself of the witch and change into a more normal and relatable person. Have any of you felt this way and/or have any advice for me? I would much appreciate any input.

Juvenile - Alice in Wonderland - Big Alice

I feel as if I am Alice when she is trapped in the house as she keeps growing and growing and growing.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Contest Update!

Thank you to the two people who have sent in their poems! I know it is a busy time for everyone so I'm not trying to pry but if anyone else would like to send in a poem then you have about 2 weeks left to do it. It doesn't need to be any specific kind of poem. Send one in even if you don't consider yourself a "good" writer. It's just a fun little contest so don't be shy! I hope to see more entries soon and feel free to ask an questions you may have. I would also appreciate any suggestions you have.

Edit: Sorry Everyone! I totally miscalculated the date that the opening for poetry entries closes. It is the 17th which is 2 weeks from now. I hope everyone is having fun preparing for Yule.

A pair of Christmas stockings surround other Christmas presents.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Anastasia: Once Upon A December

I absolutely love the movie Anastasia! It is such a good tale and has some really awesome songs in it! This is a clip of my favorite scene from it. I just find this part so hauntingly beautiful whenever I rewatch it. I know that this videos timing is a little off while she is singing but I really wanted the actual scene to show you all so I chose this one from the other possiblilities.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Legend of the Snowflake Pixies

There are pixies living on a fluffy cloud
between the earth and the sky.
In winter they work swiftly to enshroud
the earth with snow piled high.
Without being seen, for they are not proud
but rather humble and shy,
they always begin to whisper aloud
where to go as into the air they fly.

You see in the past they vowed
that every raindrop the Sky Lady did cry,
for she was know to sadly sough,
they would catch after falling from her eye.
But the tears they caught started to crowd
that rather little cloud making one pixie sigh
then all the pixies were gleefully wowed
for in the place of the tear a crystal did lie.

Vintage black and white drawing of a girl among falling snow.