Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Elements: Air

The wind moves through your hair and around your body. You feel it flowing over your skin cooling you. The leaves whisper in the trees and you hear the voices of spirits. You smell flowers blossoming. Something is coming. Everything around you is changing to something new yet the voices of the past are so near. You hear the song of the future and past. You feel your soul lifting and becoming lighter. It is freedom in its purest form. This is air. The element of the east and sunrise. Its season is spring and time of life is childhood. Elementals associated with it are Sylphs. Magic which works well with air is communication, intellect, travel, clarity, independence, and new beginnings.

In this picture is a "V" of flying geese.

The Elements: Water

You are floating in a lake. Your body is relaxed and so is your mind. In perfect stillness you feel an unspeakable peace. Suddenly a storm starting rolling in. Rain starting pouring over you and shocks you back into this plane of existence. Water is the essence of emotions and flowing movement. It’s associated with the heart and love. It is also the element of dreams, visions, and mystery. Its connection with the moon and Goddess is palpable. In any form water is cleansing. Its direction is west and time of day is dusk. Its stage of life is middle-age and its season is Autumn. The elementals of the water element are called Undines. Magic which works well with water include love, healing, cleansing/purification, meditation, family, friends, and beauty.

In this picture I decided to depict water with a chalice.

The Elements: Fire

You’re gathered with other people around a bonfire. You feel its warmth and watch the flames as they move constantly in all directions. There is a pure force in them. There is a high level of energy and awareness in it which put you in a trance. This trance is broken by a friend asking you to dance. You take your friend’s hand and in a short moment you are twirling around. Laughing and dancing, you feel passion, happiness, and warmth. Fire is the social element. It is the essence of energy, movement, warmth, and makes our hearts flutter with light. It can destroy and transform. Its direction is south and its season is summer. Its stage of life in youth and its time of day is noon. Magic which works well with fire includes courage, strength, creativity, defense, loyalty, protection, sex, passion, love, and success. The elementals associated with it are salamanders.

In this picture I put my little dragon puppet named Rufus. I think this is an appropriate name for some reason. Perhaps because it sounds a little odd and my dragon looks a little silly.

The Elements: Earth

You sit on a rock or lean against a tree to rest. You feel the strength and stability keeping yourself steady. You feel the path under your feet. You see the growing abundance around you. This is the earth. It is the essence of stable progress and constant prosperity. You reap what you sow in it. The earth is an element of growing, steadiness, and the general essence of life. The colors associated with it are mainly brown, black, gray and green. It is where our food comes from so eating and cooking is highly an earthly type of magic. Magic for money, prosperity, protection, fertility, family, healing and success are connected with it. The earth keeps us rooted and balanced. Earth is connected with the physically world and the body of a person. Four-legged animals find their home here. It is associated with the direction of North. Its season is winter and its time of day is midnight. Its stage of life is old age. The elementals associated with it are gnomes.

Candlelight Offering Continued..

I went to check on my little rock altar for the faeries. I decided to take a picture of it now because I forgot to last night. There seems to have been no movement of the stones or the stick. The candle was burned completely down as expected. I can only hope that the fae saw it and took energy from it. Anyway here is my photo!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Candlelight Offering

Today is Friday so it means I finally get some time to myself and to generally relax. I was inspired to go outside when the sun was dim and the dark of night just starting to set in. The air was warm on my face. I took out a little birthday candle and matches to a rock in my yard. I proceeded to light the candle and stick it on the rock with melted wax. I placed and stick and rocks/crystals in front of the candle and said "If there are any faeries around this is for you". I glow of the candle was so peaceful and I truly felt good with having done something positively magical. Naturally I was inspired and decided to write a poem about it.


Faery folk of old
gather round the sacred flame
dance and twirl around it
as I call your name

May it light the dark
with its warm glow
join our hands in friendship
shall we never be foe


Between leaping over and dancing around the bonfire and dancing around the maypole, Beltane is one of the most energetic holidays. Everything has awoken and started blooming by May 1st and their is an abundance of growth. Fertility is of course honored again but also the rise of the sun. We are now between spring and summer and we are feeling the happiness from the warm and beauty filled days! The dandelions as many of you may notice are in full bloom too. I really love dandelions. I think their pretty. They also can be used for your health and for food. Dried and ground their roots make a coffee substitute minus the caffeine. The leaves are high in iron and great for salad! Dandelions also increase appetite and have other medical uses I can't remember. Anyway. Next time you look upon a dandelion, take a moment to think about all the possibilities one little plant holds. Then take a moment to look at all the world around you and see all the potential hidden in the color of green! Blessed be and here's my poem about Dandelions.


Scattered upon a grassy hill
are yellow suns
bursting from green.

A hand pulls the suns
and tosses them aside
unaware of what potential
they hide.

At this sight I sigh
and internally cry.
Why! Oh why?!
Do you make my relatives die.

I try
to see the destroyers
and find to much
my reflection in its