Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rufus Recommends: Fairy Houses

Hey to all those Pagan moms and Witchlets! This is the first post for the Kids Page. So exciting! Let me Introduce you to Rufus the Dragon. He's a funny little red dragon who likes to read and tell stories. Today he thinks you should try to read Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane.

It tells you all about a little girl who made a very special fairy house. What is a fairy house? It is a special little home you make out of natural things you find outside where little fairies can visit. A lot of times people leave gifts for these little people there. The book tells you how to make one. Here's one I made with a very special fairy next to it!

That fairy wearing the purple dress is my friend Lola! She is who will teach you about plants and animals of the garden. Ta ta for now witchlets and have a happy day! 

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