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Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac


The Keyblade:

A physical manifestation of the power of the heart.
To each and every person there exists within them a heart.
To each and every heart there lies a degree of power.
The Keyblade is the result of the control and release of said power.

The nature of the Keyblade remains an enigma, it holds a power and purpose understood by few;
It's base abilities seem to indicate that the Keyblade is meant to be a weapon to fight for or against the forces of Light and Darkness and/or a tool to open any locked doors or seals—unlocking them as though Keyblades are some sort of master key, compatible with any lock.

But the Keyblade is not only a tool or a weapon, it is an item with a purpose that, though not known, may extend far beyond simply unlocking doors or fighting.

There are four families of Keyblades:
The Keyblade representing all the Keyblades of the Realm of Light - The Kingdom Key
The Keyblade representing all the Keyblades of the Realm of Darkness - The Kingdom Key D
The most common form of Keyblades are referred to as the Keyblades of the Realm of Light and the Keyblades of the Realm of Darkness. These Keyblades are born of common hearts, the Keyblades of the Realm of Light born of hearts belonging to denizens of the Realm of Light and the Keyblades of the Realm of Darkness born of hearts belonging to the Realm of Darkness.

Then there are the Keyblades of Heart.
The requirement for the creation of such Keyblades are the fusing of 7 pure hearts... Though the only attempt made in history to create such a Keyblade consisted of collecting 7 pure hearts of light, the effort fell short at the collection of 6 hearts.

An incomplete Keyblade of Heart depicted here made with only 6 pure hearts.
It has never been denied that collecting 7 hearts of darkness may suffice in the creation of a Keyblade of Heart.

Then there exists a fourth and final category, of which two Keyblades exist; the Keyblades of Legend.
The first would be the X-Blade, the "X" in the name stemming from the letter symbolizing the end.
The Keyblade of the End - The X-Blade

Depicted the way it was during its one time forging in history.
Such a Keyblade is forged only by the interaction between a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness and is similar in appearance to a regular Keyblade of any variety but with powers transcending those of any other; the X-Blade is powerful enough to exist alongside the most supreme of all hearts, Kingdom Hearts, as an equal.

Back in ancient times when all the worlds in the universe were not separated by barriers that prevented their interaction, the Keyblade War occurred; born from the desire to claim Kingdom Hearts via use of the X-Blade.

The result of such an event was that countless lives of Keyblade wielders were taken in the attempt to forge the X-Blade. Because of the accumulation of so many Keyblades in one area, and the deaths of so many people with powerful hearts, there was enormous release of energy that consumed the entirety of the Realm of Light in darkness.

From such a catastrophe, only a few fragments of light survived. Such fragments and the people dwelling within them became the worlds they are today with the barriers they have preventing them from communicating with each other in order to prevent a calamity like the Keyblade War from occurring again.
The second Keyblade in such a category would be one that has never shown its mark on the face of history; The Ultima Keyblade.

Conditions for the creation of such a Keyblade are unknown to anyone, to the point that the very existence of such a Keyblade is doubted.

But from what few records have been preserved, the Ultima Keyblade is described as another Keyblade transcendent above all others; it is both the equal of and counterpart to the X-Blade, the Keyblade of the End.

For such a reason, the Ultima Weapon is consequently the Keyblade of the Beginning...

Again, for emphasis:
Little to nothing is known about the Ultima Keyblade, to try and obtain such information would be the same as realizing the creation of the universe.

Our story, however, centers around the reappearance of such a legendary Keyblade,
its destiny as it pertains to a young boy and girl,
and how everything shall connect back to the heart of all hearts:

Kingdom Hearts

Hello from by SirZachary

Hello and salutations from SirZachary and
I am Here to tell you that myself and several others will be helping Witchy write for her blog. Here I would like to discuss with what our goals at RF are. IF you are intrested you can come take a look for yourself. This will mostly be just to start off with something I know well. is a website that is run by Administrator, NatalieLynn and Moderators, Master_Iris and Susan/Mr. E. Susan is Natalie's sister and our link with Mr. E. On the subject of Mr. E, He is an Elf type of Fae/Fairie/Fairy/Faerie and a prince. He is apart of the Elves of Fyn and The Eight. The Elves of Fyn is the faction in which Mr. E is under. The Eight is an alliance of 8 elven nations that have joined together under a common goal and are a part of the Seelie faction. Seelie are mostly known as "good" fae. Their goal is to help the Earth and to do so they wish to contact humans. The reason for this is to bring down what is known as the Veil. The Veil is what we call the barrier between our side and theirs. This was created thousands of years ago for their own good. It draws strength from the disbelief of Fae by humans. Now though it is in their best interest to remove The Veil. Now on the the opposite side you have the Unseelie. These fae are generally known as "bad fae". Their goals is also to help the Earth but they wish to exterminate the Human species due to our pollution of the planet. While it is debatable whether or not this course of action is justified the result of the death of so many living things in an unneeded fashion would have negative consequences on themselves and the planet. Therefore We here at stand with the Seelie.

Note from Witchy on this subject: I am very fond of this website. I hope people who do not believe in fairies reconsider their view. Then again if you are reading this blog chances are you all ready do!

New Writers!

I am very excited to say that I have found more writers for my blog! My friends are willing to share information, story, ect. This should make my blog more interesting and hopefully have a bit more of a community. If anyone is reading my blog and wants to share anything then just shoot me an e-mail at Thanks! And Blessed Be!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is a little late but oh well! St. Patrick's day is a day to celebrate the wee folk, faeries, elves, and (of course) Leprecauns! The color green is a color of the earth. It's a color of growth, healing, and luck! I honored the fae this holiday by picking up trash along the road I live on. It really opened my eyes to how many people simply have lost respect for nature. I hope the goddess blesses all of their lives so they see how much beauty is around them. Blessed be everyone and have a happy day!

Three Keys to Life

In my opinnion there are only three things we need to live a peaceful and fulfilling life: Love, Courage, and a Clear Mind. I came to this conclusion based on learning about Buddhism and Hinduism. Based on these religions the Ego is the false self which we need to be freed from. The Ego is our thoughts and feelings which cause us to suffer. The true self is our awareness. Therefore we are not our emotions and thoughts. I started to think about this deeply. I liked emotions but I also liked the freedom of meditation. I didn't want emotions or my thoughts to control me. Therefore I decided that I will try to keep my mind clear of these excess things. I still felt that would leave me unconnected with people so love is important to give. But in order for me to keep my mind clear and my heart full of love, I will have to keep it clear of fear. This is where courage comes in. If I face my challenges with a clear mind in the first place I will not have any fear. I need to keep focused. If I am successful I will feel free and peaceful. These are just my thoughts currently on the subject. I hope to apply this to my life and see if I can sustain it.

Happy Ostara!

Happy Spring Equinox! I can't believe it is spring! The smell of the wet earth is absolutely delightful and soon the smell of flowers will fill the air. It is very true that the spring is of the element air. Make sure to look at both the sun and moon today/tonight and give thanks for everything nature gives us. We shall sow our seeds. I am hoping to make a faery garden this spring. I started a faery house. I'll make sure to post a picture of it when I'm done. Anyway have a fantastic Ostara everyone!

Spring Poems and Haikus:

I watch the flowers growing.
I watch the flowers run.
I watch the flowers playing games.
I watch the flowers have fun.

I feed the flowers friendship.
I feed the flowers love.
I feed the flowers knowledge.
I feed the flowers sun from above.

I grow the garden with all my might.
I try to make it bloom bright.
And when it blooms it is a wonderful sight.

Sunny Day
windy, sunny
sighing, sweeping, turning
whispering secrets of the past

Make a Wish
Stars, luminous light
blown out by shining bright sun.
Daylight returning.

White lily, opens
facing rising shining sun.
Luminous petals.