Saturday, October 29, 2011

Samhain & Networking Update!

Hello my darlings! Halloween is coming and the blogs are just howling with excitement. The stormy and snowy weather coming hopefully won't dampen our spirits (mind the puns). Speaking of spirits..don't you feel them around you now adays? They are coming out to play along with the goblins and bats. What are your plans for Halloween? Mine are simple. I will watch movies, drink warm apple cider, and eat tons of popcorn and candy. No one said being solitary was easy but hopefully next year I won't be!

Anyway there is another bloggy matter to be talked about. Witchy Writings is on Twitter! You can check it out and follow me at:!/Witchy28. Please do and spread to word to your friends that I exist. You will find that this is certainly not a trick and you will probably get a treat in return for your good deed. As for Facebook. My facebook is for my personal life only!

A witch flies on her broom in front of a full moon with her black cat and bat.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dilute The Darkness

Hey Teens! I don't want to be a downer but here is a spell to help you in the dark times of life. Sometimes negativity becomes a well of darkness that you feel like you are drowning in. When you feel like this there seems like there is no way out but there is! The spell will help you shift your mood in a better direction. This is also a good cleansing spell before a spell or sabbat.

What you Need:

A Black Washable Marker
A White Candle
Happiness Bath Bag
Water  (your tub/shower)

Happiness Bath Bag Recipe

Take a sqaure of cloth and a string. Put these into it and tie it to make a pouch. You could also put these in loose in the bath water.

A clear quartz crystal
A tbs. of mint
Some lemon peel zest
A tbs. of sage
A tsp salt
(Any other herbs or things you would love to put in the pouch such as lavender, thyme, chamomile, rose, ect.)

Now that you have what you need go to the place you will perform the spell. Draw the bath and put the bag in. Light the candle and turn off the lights. This spell is wordless and based solely on visualization and your other five senses. You can chant something if you wish.With the marker draw on your naked skin. Draw on your skin everything you are feeling and even write the words which describe your emotions. Now put yourself into the water and wash all that negativity away. All these negative thoughts are just temporary and do not make up who you are so let them go. Let the water cleanse you. Close your eyes. Visualize the light from the candle swirling around you in a glowing ribbon. Visualize the light going into the crystal in the bag and flowing a rainbow of colors into the water. Watch as the rainbow colors form bubbles which float in the air around you in the darkness. They shine and are weightless, just like you, and you yourself start to feel weightless. What do you smell? Inhale the good and exhale the bad. Feel your breath move in and out effortlessly. What do you hear? Silence? Bubbles popping? Water flowing? When you feel relaxed and more happy let the bath end and as you see the water swirling down the drain, imagine it is your fear, stress, and sadness leaving you. Blow out the candle but continue to feel the warm glow of its light

To accompany this spell I thought this little poem and drawing would be appropriate.

Two young children enjoy a pretty day blowing bubbles.

Halloween Tradition: Nightmare Before Christmas

Hey! I would just like to share with you that it has become a tradition for me every year to watch this movie. I absolutely love Tim Burton. His gothic style is like nothing else you see in the media and just too perfect for a Halloween night. I plan to watch Halloween movies acompanied by popcorn and apple cider on the night of. No need to worry about trick or treaters because no one dares come to the witches house in the woods! Who knows I might grind their bones to make my bread or fill them with sweets only to put them in my witches brew soup! Just kidding. I really wish they came though. It's so fun seeing the little ones all dressed up. Anyway on to the point. I decided to make this weeks music from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas so here is Sally's Song.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ghost

All at once I saw her before me
And I did not even think
As I said "hello" happily
But all she did was blink

Suddenly I saw it
The transparency of her gown
And with the candle I lit
I saw her dreadful frown

Her quivering blue lips parted
With a shuddered gasping moan
In an instant she departed
leaving me shocked by what I had been shown

angry ghost

Monday, October 17, 2011

KeepMusicPagan: Cooling His Fire

I found this amazing youtube channel called Keeping Music Pagan. On there I found this song called Cooling His Fire. I just have to say that his voice and the lyrics are just amazing! The message as well is so powerful!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple Lore: Predicting the Future with the ABC's

There is a lot of different lore about apples. It is said that apple trees are gateways between this world and the world of the fae. Apples are also symbols of love. If you peel an apple in one long strip, throw it over your shoulder, and whatever letter the peel makes will be the first letter of your next lovers name.

I thought what fun it would be to take this idea and run with it! Using the apple picture below, color it red or pink, and clear your mind while coloring. Now take a piece of paper and write the alphabet in BIG letters. Close your eyes and glide your finger over the paper until you want to stop. The letter you land on will start the name of someone who will soon be dear to you in some way. Now write the letter in the center of the apple you just colored. A heart around it would be a nice touch if you wish. Just think! It could be a friend, new family member, or perhaps even a handsome prince or beautiful princess! 


Friday, October 14, 2011

A (Very) Short Story: Shades of My Soul

I really don't know what to call this. It really is just an odd rambling which my mind poured out into a page.

Shades of My Soul

I fell deep into a well and I was crying for help. You came and lifted me up from the unforgiving cold. You looked at me and I knew it. I desperately tried to speak but could not. It was at twilight or dawn. I can not quite remember. I stared intently into your grayish blue eyes. You retreated into the dark forest and I followed you like a fool. There was no doubt in my mind; it was you. You were the person who came to me in my dreams. You were the one who introduced me to the wonder of the shades of night and day. You told me of magic and whispered secrets lost in time. I thought you were just a dream. Was this reality? Was I awake? I ran through the forest in search of you. You always told me you would be there if I ever needed you. What you don't know is I do need you. I always need you and always have. I cried out into the darkness "I need you! Don't go!". You stepped out into my sight and I saw as the moonlight illuminated your deep eyes with such an intense shade blue. Those eyes inspired such calmness but still ignited my soul. You took my hands and we danced. My soul swirled through the dark moonlit night like the bottom of my dress as I twirled. In my heart a small sun was rising into daylight. I could see the moon in your eyes as I moved around. I could feel love stir in me for the warm coolness you brought with you. I loved this twilight dance with both moon and sun together in the same sky. The orange leaves against the dark bark of the trees blew in the wind. The fire blazed. You made my life a blissful contradiction with all those different shades combined together. I never knew dark could be so light. I never knew light could play in the dark. The shades of your soul has left a mark because the shades of my soul have begun to spark.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Treats That Aren't Too Tricky

I have made an amazing discovery that parents will adore! They are called cookie cups. It is basically shaping cookie dough on an upside-down cupcake pan. It makes little cups that kids can use for ice cream or anything else they desire. I have never thought of it before until I saw it recently. it is very possible to use any combination of cookie dough and toppings. My favorite idea is making pumpkin cookie cups with vanilla ice cream in them. Mmmm...The possibilities are endless.

Here is a Recipe Using Them

I have also discovered an amazing blog/website for baking called Cookies & Cups. 

Click Here To See Blog

I hope this helps you organize any parties you're throwing or just for goodies to fill the mouths of little witchlets. Ta ta for now.

Hayley Westenra

Hey teens! This woman has the most beautiful angelic voice you will ever hear! I think my favorite song of hers is called Dark Waltz. Here is her song.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Poem Story: Hat Rat Bat

I had a happy little hat
it was pointed and black
Then my silly little cat
took it swiftly behind my back
She was too quickly so there I sat
before I could give my cat a smack
out to the woods went that little brat
I left the door open just a crack
So returned my silly cat with a little bat
It flew around and I caught it with a sack
Again came my little cat with a big live rat
My cat wanted it for a snack
ran away the rat so fat
jumping on books I had in a stack
out it went from a window slat
I shut the door and window with a clack
and my mischievous cat and I had a chat
about how he had an obvious knack
for getting into trouble but still I gave him a pat
and told that cat how love for him I did not lack
and though I never did see again my hat
on my heart is left a paw-printed track

Monday, October 3, 2011

Too Many Awesome Backgrounds

The Cutest Blog on the Block has too many cute and awesome Halloween backgrounds to choose from! I am having a very difficult time choosing. I then thought why don't I ask my readers what they think? So here is the link to these amazing choices.
Thanks a lot!

Click Here to Decide

October and Other Updates!

You all might not know this but October is my favorite month. The chill in the air and dark mood of the month tickles me. There is a depth to this month mixed with the whimsical and mysterious. I tried without avail to find a gorgeous song which is called "Octobers Child" by Sweetbird on youtube so I could post it here. I fortunately found the website for the musicians and they have a little music clip bar there where you can hear samples of all their songs including the one I was trying to find. Their music is absolutely amazing and the fact they are New Englanders is just the cherry on top.

Click Here to See Their Website

I also want to say sorry that I did not get a short story written last Saturday. I got too distracted by Firefly and Doctor Who marathons on the TV to remember. I was also distracted because I spent most of my day felting away using the kit I bought at the Common Ground Fair. I think it came out pretty good for my first time. Here is the end result:

Another crafty thing I did recently was start on the wreath I am making. I put the Sweet Annies plant in the wreath I bought as a base and had some left over to make my own wreath from scratch. They still need all of the decorations so I'll post pics later.

And I'll leave you now with photos I took which seem especially Fallish.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I thought I held a good point of view
but my idea was shattered by this truth

My stomach sick from words
I fold into myself and slowly
rock back and forth in shame
I realize I lost my aim

I retreat now ashamed
I am nothing but what they see
And they see the worst of me

A bird is caged
My wings are shattered
by this torturous truth
backed by so much proof

I look in the mirror
at these reflections shattered

my blood pools around
my dark and cold feet
I have fallen to the ground
I admit defeat