Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Poem Story: Hat Rat Bat

I had a happy little hat
it was pointed and black
Then my silly little cat
took it swiftly behind my back
She was too quickly so there I sat
before I could give my cat a smack
out to the woods went that little brat
I left the door open just a crack
So returned my silly cat with a little bat
It flew around and I caught it with a sack
Again came my little cat with a big live rat
My cat wanted it for a snack
ran away the rat so fat
jumping on books I had in a stack
out it went from a window slat
I shut the door and window with a clack
and my mischievous cat and I had a chat
about how he had an obvious knack
for getting into trouble but still I gave him a pat
and told that cat how love for him I did not lack
and though I never did see again my hat
on my heart is left a paw-printed track

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