Saturday, October 29, 2011

Samhain & Networking Update!

Hello my darlings! Halloween is coming and the blogs are just howling with excitement. The stormy and snowy weather coming hopefully won't dampen our spirits (mind the puns). Speaking of spirits..don't you feel them around you now adays? They are coming out to play along with the goblins and bats. What are your plans for Halloween? Mine are simple. I will watch movies, drink warm apple cider, and eat tons of popcorn and candy. No one said being solitary was easy but hopefully next year I won't be!

Anyway there is another bloggy matter to be talked about. Witchy Writings is on Twitter! You can check it out and follow me at:!/Witchy28. Please do and spread to word to your friends that I exist. You will find that this is certainly not a trick and you will probably get a treat in return for your good deed. As for Facebook. My facebook is for my personal life only!

A witch flies on her broom in front of a full moon with her black cat and bat.


Lady Caer Morganna said...

Yes, it is indeed snowy, cold and wet here right now, but it is supposed to clear up by Monday atleast ~ YEAH! I usually spend Samhain with my Soliatry group of friends who I gather with every year. This year; however, I will truly be a solitary again (although I always really was)as time has simply gotten away from me! LOL

Well, I won't REALLY be alone since I will have my best buddy cat Midnight to keep me company during ritual and such.

Have a very Blessed Samhain. my sister of the spirit!



Witchy said...

Oh my! This storm has hit hard. I'm glad that your cat can keep you company with this cold. I hope you had a good Samhain.