Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple Lore: Predicting the Future with the ABC's

There is a lot of different lore about apples. It is said that apple trees are gateways between this world and the world of the fae. Apples are also symbols of love. If you peel an apple in one long strip, throw it over your shoulder, and whatever letter the peel makes will be the first letter of your next lovers name.

I thought what fun it would be to take this idea and run with it! Using the apple picture below, color it red or pink, and clear your mind while coloring. Now take a piece of paper and write the alphabet in BIG letters. Close your eyes and glide your finger over the paper until you want to stop. The letter you land on will start the name of someone who will soon be dear to you in some way. Now write the letter in the center of the apple you just colored. A heart around it would be a nice touch if you wish. Just think! It could be a friend, new family member, or perhaps even a handsome prince or beautiful princess! 


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