Saturday, October 1, 2011


I thought I held a good point of view
but my idea was shattered by this truth

My stomach sick from words
I fold into myself and slowly
rock back and forth in shame
I realize I lost my aim

I retreat now ashamed
I am nothing but what they see
And they see the worst of me

A bird is caged
My wings are shattered
by this torturous truth
backed by so much proof

I look in the mirror
at these reflections shattered

my blood pools around
my dark and cold feet
I have fallen to the ground
I admit defeat


magic hands said...

She soared carefree through the air,
Riding high on the currents
Of her spontenaity and inspiration,
Beleiving herself safe and secure,
Detached from any responsibility
Of the consequences her acts engendered.

From her elevated post,
She glimpses the hand
Of one she considered a friend,
Drawing back the bowstring;
And suddenly feels the shock
Of a shot piercing her heart.

Her pain is redoubled as
She recognizes aspects
Of her own ignorance
In the fletches of the protruding arrow;
How unfair to be the target
Of her very words thrown back.

As she tumbles from the sky,
Anticipating the shattering results
Of her upcoming impact,
She begins to wonder
What those who find her will make
Of the broken pieces.

Her shame burns, surprising her as
It burst into actual flames
Of purifying intensity.
What would have been a broken corpse
Explodes in smoke and ash at the instant
Of her rebirth.

Brighter, stronger than ever before
From the fire that is now part
Of her very nature,
The Phoenix rises, wiser from the experience,
Climbing for even greater heights
Of more cautious expression.

[I'll delete this if you don't approve; LMK.]
Magic Hands

Witchy said...

Wow. That's beautiful! I really didn't expect a whole poem in return. I like how you matched it up with my poem. You write very well.

magic hands said...

Thank you most kindly, m'lady.

Witchy said...

You're welcome my good sir!