Monday, October 3, 2011

October and Other Updates!

You all might not know this but October is my favorite month. The chill in the air and dark mood of the month tickles me. There is a depth to this month mixed with the whimsical and mysterious. I tried without avail to find a gorgeous song which is called "Octobers Child" by Sweetbird on youtube so I could post it here. I fortunately found the website for the musicians and they have a little music clip bar there where you can hear samples of all their songs including the one I was trying to find. Their music is absolutely amazing and the fact they are New Englanders is just the cherry on top.

Click Here to See Their Website

I also want to say sorry that I did not get a short story written last Saturday. I got too distracted by Firefly and Doctor Who marathons on the TV to remember. I was also distracted because I spent most of my day felting away using the kit I bought at the Common Ground Fair. I think it came out pretty good for my first time. Here is the end result:

Another crafty thing I did recently was start on the wreath I am making. I put the Sweet Annies plant in the wreath I bought as a base and had some left over to make my own wreath from scratch. They still need all of the decorations so I'll post pics later.

And I'll leave you now with photos I took which seem especially Fallish.

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