Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Treats That Aren't Too Tricky

I have made an amazing discovery that parents will adore! They are called cookie cups. It is basically shaping cookie dough on an upside-down cupcake pan. It makes little cups that kids can use for ice cream or anything else they desire. I have never thought of it before until I saw it recently. it is very possible to use any combination of cookie dough and toppings. My favorite idea is making pumpkin cookie cups with vanilla ice cream in them. Mmmm...The possibilities are endless.

Here is a Recipe Using Them

I have also discovered an amazing blog/website for baking called Cookies & Cups. 

Click Here To See Blog

I hope this helps you organize any parties you're throwing or just for goodies to fill the mouths of little witchlets. Ta ta for now.

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