Monday, April 18, 2011

Fae Day and Music

Hello again from SirZachary. I hope to let you all in on an upcoming holiday that we here at started to celebrate the Fae and our support for them. On May 24th, the reason we chose this day in particular is because it is also Mr. E’s birthday. I would invite you to join us in the celebration of humans and Fae. I thought I could provide some suggestions. It is no secret that humans like music and Fae do to. While their likes/dislikes very many of them are fans of traditional and classical music. I am talking about Celtic, Irish ect. If you play an instrument I am sure the Fae would welcome your music. If not break out your computers and look some up. You can play it on an electronic device if you are unable to play an instrument yourself.  Some of you may be aware that some Fae don’t take to kindly to the unnatural but I think that they should be ok with this. If you have any other suggestions I invite you to comment and maybe join the RealFairies community on our chat on that day at

~ SirZachary


Zachary P said...

Take that spelling errors!

Anonymous said...

this is an excellent idea; is everyone playing music pn their own or are you planning an event?

Witchy said...

I think people are playing music on their own. It would be cool if it became a more larger public thing though. I think there is a website for it too.