Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 2

Open your eyes...

What the... I could have sworn I just heard a voice right about now.

Do you intend to lie here forever?

Okay... I think I'm officially schizophrenic.

But whoever's voice this was, it had a point. This place wasn't home, I had to find out just where exactly I was.

I tried lifting myself up, which normally wouldn't be so difficult a task except my body felt so much heavier than it usually did... Was it because I was legitimately fatigued or was it because of an entirely different force?

I finally managed to sit straight up, but I still had my eyes closed. Opening them proved to be much more of an ordeal than one would expect; it was as difficult for me as it'd be for a man who lived in a dark cave all his life and then was suddenly hit by a search light.

I stood up, albiet stumbling a little, blinked to focus my eyesight, and took a look around:

Nothing... There was nothing but an dark, empty landscape around me.

Not even solid ground, just a bleak sky devoid of color.

"Just... What is this place?"

The answer... Will soon come

It was that voice from earlier.

"You again! Who are you? Where are you?"

I looked around frantically but like the first time I looked around, I saw no one. I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from.

Was it even a voice? I couldn't deny the possibility that what I was "hearing" was not a sound but a... I don't know, telepathic message? Perhaps it stemmed from my own head even!

I am you.

"N-Now that's just creepy."

Hearing that felt a bit unnerving, but so far I couldn't perceive any threat so I continued to question this "voice".

"What am I doing here? How did I get here?"

Are you so blinded from your own light?

Look below you...

Oh right... It defied logic that I had yet to look upon the source of light from below me considering that was the first thing I noticed when regaining consciousness.

I looked down, and what I saw below me was absolutely astonishing.

What I was standing on was a circular platform, not unlike in design to a stained glass window that you might find in a respected building such as a cathedral, with a design detailing places and people that were familiar to me...

Most peculiar, however, was that the entire floor was fractured, containing various splits and fissures that all lead from a central crack in the middle of the circle.

Why did the crack come from the middle? Upon looking closer at the area, the crack obscured somebody's face... The best I could make out of the person was that he or she had blond hair...

A shattered heart cannot survive long.

Something must be done lest the rest of your being falls apart.

"H-Hold on a minute! This is MY heart?!"

I yelled at the voice in no particular direction...

The silence that came from my inquiry seemed to imply that it indeed was my own heart.
"Who do you think you are?! Claiming to be me, saying that this fractured mess of a picture is my heart?! Who are you to judge me?!"

Right as I said that, there was a great tremor and the fractures became greater in size, further tearing the floor apart.

Then a gaseous substance started to flow out of the enlarged cracks, black and thick in appearance, and started to form into grotesque monstrosities with piercing gold eyes.

I shouted out in surprise as I became surrounded by shadowy figures. "What the heck?! What are these things?!"

Sol... The light within you will soon die.

Overcome by the pain and suffering that empowers the darkness within you.

What was THAT supposed to mean? In any case, I didn't have any time to contemplate the meaning of such words; the monsters were closing in.

Doubtful that whatever physical prowess I was in possession of would do me little good considering I was currently in a rather sluggish state, I stood still and watched the abominations around me slowly come closer until they pounced.

I couldn't breathe, I was being smothered by these creatures...

It felt as though I was drowning and unable to see anything, all the while feeling as though I was being torn apart by the monsters.

The last thing I heard was the voice speaking:

Something... Must be done.

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