Monday, April 18, 2011

Theory On 2012

 Note from Witchy: 

Hey everyone! The Goddess has blessed us with another writer! Here my friend Saranel will tell you about her theory on what will happen in 2012! Enjoy!

Many, many people have an opinion on 2012, which is coming quickly upon us, and is only a short year away. Whether it be amazing, beauty, destruction, great horrors, great wonders, miracles, and rebirth, the opinion is there, many more times stronger, than weaker. I am not writing this to persuade, nor am I writing this just because I feel like it, and was bored. This is meant to make a statement, and make my thoughts on 21 December, 2012 crystal clear.

First and foremost, the world is changing. It is not changing overnight, or a terribly long time, or maybe it will. Nobody knows for sure how long it will take, but the truth is that
the world is changing for the better, once we reach that December night day. There are many conspiracies, thoughts, and theories on this date, but I am here to share my thoughts on this date.

There is a veil. This veil separates two worlds. Our world, right now, right here, is separated from the Elven world. Once upon a time, long, long ago, our worlds were one, but they separated from each other. On the other side of that veil, are many wonders, good and bad. It is a world that you would only imagine in your mind, or maybe in your astral travels, lucid dreams, or meditations. Maybe you lived a past life there, and maybe you didn't.

So, here we have the mortal realm, as well as the faery realm. Now, you must be wondering, what do these worlds have to do with each other? There is one big basis that we share with their realm: the Earth! Once we start the new age of next year, the Earth will be changing, hopefully for the better. The veil will start the lifting process, so that we can, so to speak, have the best of both worlds. This is a major change, and will be a major change. Right now, at this moment in time, we're already seeing changes.

More people will soon know about, and believe in the fae. If you are a first time reader, then you're seeing a tiny part of this transition right before your eyes. Right now, you are being told about the fae, informed about them, if you did not already know about them. Eventually, this belief will make the veil go away altogether. We will be, one day soon, coexisting with the fae, creatures that some of you may have thought never existed.

This will not happen overnight, though. The two worlds will become one through a length of time. That might be quick, and it might be short. This could take a hundred years, or it could take one. The truth will come out eventually, but how long is entirely up to you, the people. Remember that you are powerful, and soon, will be even more powerful. Don't take things for granted, either. Love to all of you, and remember, times will be changing. This shift will allow you to see things that amaze your eyes, amazing things right before your eyes, but this is also a very good thing as well.

           By: Saranel

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