Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 6

The monsters had consumed me. I was now doomed to whatever fate these creatures left me to, which I thought would be to disappear into the darkness with which those abominations swallowed me up.

It occurred to me, however, that it seemed a bit strange that my thought-processes were still functioning.

Naturally, in attacking me, I assumed that those shadowy figures creatures meant to kill me.

Why, then, was I still able to think and attempt to comprehend the events that had just transpired?

... Or was this what being dead was like?

I slowly opened my eyes.

I was falling... At least I felt the sensation of falling.

No, wait... The more feeling was more akin to sinking through water.

Deeper and deeper, I descended; down into the depths of an endless, black ocean.

For some odd reason, my fall started to slow to a stop.

Turning upright, I landed on a surface that I could not see. Standing as if I were floating in mid air.

Upon making sure the floor I landed upon was steady, I looked around.

... Nothing. There was nothing to see in this space, devoid of any light around me.

How I could still make my own dim figure out when I looked down at my hands was a mystery.

I started to walk, hoping I would get somewhere as a result.

At this point, it seemed helping Jacob and that girl was an impossibility.

Though I lamented my failure, I knew I had to move on... That's just who I was:

Somebody who moves on from the pain and adversity in his life.

I walked until I suddenly felt my foot miss the floor.

"Whoa!" I cried out in shock and immediately jumped back.

The floor I was on didn't go on forever; there was an edge where I could fall off.

It occurred to me just then that this might be someplace I've seen before...

I looked down below me, and then I knelt down and felt the floor with my hands:

Just like I thought, the floor had cracks. Whatever I was standing on was fragmented...

I was standing on the same circular platform from my dream earlier... But all the light had faded from it.

The voice... It had said this was my heart.

Did this symbolize that my heart was now taken by darkness?

I was weary... I wanted to just collapse right there and fall asleep.

I slowly got down and sat on my rear end...

Hunched over and staring blankly off into space, my eyes started to close.

Long has the Almighty wandered...


It was a voice again... Much deeper, and commanding than the one I heard earlier...
Now the Heart of All Hearts has finally found a host.

A heart... Broken and in disrepair... Yet shining so brightly with will and power to live on.

Was it talking about me? That didn't make sense...

If what the voice from my earlier dream said was true, that where I was right now represented my heart, then there was nothing but darkness in my heart. No light to be seen anywhere.

So bright... And yet, so dark... A balance even more appealing and compatible.

But with the present state of affairs, you, boy, shan't survive...

Well... Thank you for telling me the obvious.

... Do you wish to go on?

That was a rather surprising question.

"I thought you'd never ask!" I said. "I-Is there really a way out of here?"

Yes... Under one condition...

A glimmer of hope shone before me. I stood up and addressed the voice formally.

"I understand! What are you asking of me?"

Pain... Suffering...

So much of these emotions pervade the hearts of many.

We will provide your life and freedom... In exchange for carrying out the task we have for you.


... Are you willing to accept the destiny we lay out for you?

I don't know why this voice was being so cryptic... But did it matter to me?

If this voice had the ability to get me somewhere, then I'd take it up on its offer...

Maybe I could even go back and help the others!

With renewed resolve to go on, I replied to the voice:

"I accept!"

The moment I said that, there was a twinkle in the sky directly above me.

Being the only source of light in this dark void, I instantly noticed it and looked up.

Upon doing so, a massive downpour of light came down and formed a huge column of white in front of me.

Startled, I stumbled backwards. "W-What in the world?!"

Just what the heck was up with today and giant masses of light flashing everywhere?!

The light eventually enveloped everything...

A few seconds later, the light subsided and I looked around me.

The sky was tinted an azure blue with a surreal glow in the air around me.

I looked down, the light had been restored to the circular platform.

Even more surprising was that the cracks were gone! The floor was made whole again...

And in the middle of the structure, in place of that obscured fact, was a large sword-like structure sheathed into the ground, glowing a warm blue with specks of golden light from the huge flash earlier still lingering around it.

Take what is before you, the envoy that marks the beginning of your story.

I walked towards the object and slowly, hesitantly, reached for what appeared to be the handle.

Upon grabbing it, another strange feeling pulsed through my body again... Similiar to when I grabbed that girl's Keyblade earlier...

But it was still different, this wasn't a Keyblade... At least not right now it wasn't.


The voice sounded somewhat confused.

It appears... that a key component is missing.

The completion of this Key shall be another one of your tasks.

Oh great... More work.

Create the Key of the Beginning... Then shall your journey to the end of the hurt begin.

So... Wait, how was I going to get out of here? I still didn't know.

Until then... You must rely on the power of your heart alone...

Upon saying that line, a bunch of those shadowy creatures appeared around me like before.

This time even more fearsome than usual... Something appeared to be provoking them.

Purge the last of the foreign darkness...

Think of this as a test.

The item strongly resembling a Keyblade suddenly moved me into a combative stance.

I don't know for sure... But it was as though it beckoned me to fight.

I readied myself mentally, it was about time I finally stopped running from these monsters.

The first of the creatures jumped at me.

Easily, almost as though I had some superhuman ability, I sliced clean through it and readied myself for the next attacker... What kind of fighting instinct had suddenly awoken in me?

Two of the shadows decided to attack together and, slashing horizontally, I dispatched them just as easily as I had the first of the monsters.

After that, all of them just rushed in and in response, without even thinking, I wove a flurry of strikes and blows around me that decimated every single one of them.

I finished them off and suddenly loosened the tension in my body... What just happened?

How in the world did I manage to fight them all of like that?

Being incomplete... You cannot summon this Legend from the depths of your heart...

Then a different voice spoke, the voice that spoke from my first dream.

Another blade shall substitute...

Your own... Born from the strength and power of your heart;

"My... Own? Angel?" I asked out loud...

Your strength has been awakened, brought out by a strong heart with another destiny.

One now strongly intertwined with your own.

Then the deeper voice spoke again:


Save them whose hurt knows no bounds.

Then the whole place started to light up, eventually consuming everything so I couldn't see.

"Agh! So bright!"

The last thing I heard before the light overtook everything was that voice:

... Chosen One.

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