Monday, April 18, 2011

Etheric Cords and Wings by Iris

Etheric cords are like electrical cords from our relationships we build with the people we know. They connect us from one person to the other. The etheric cords are located in our chakras. Hence this is why it’s a good idea to cleanse chakras. Etheric cords commonly extend to our family, friends, and even our enemies. Now sometimes etheric cords cause pain. That’s when we have to cut them off. When someone affects us too much in a bad way, cutting them is simple. I usually rip the bad ones apart gently and carefully. Commonly you ask Archangel Michael to cut them off. It is safer to do that. You don’t want to accidentally cut the wrong thing. If you do a cord that connects you with family, it doesn't mean you don't love them anymore. It just means you are not holding on to the problem anymore. The bad cords look black to me by the way. It works to clear negativity. Why do we cut cords out? Negativity drains our energies. You want to fully function. There are many ways to flush out cords. For example you can use attunements. cutting cords benefit energy and health. A feeling of being lighter or more grounded is common. It helps one become disconnected from other's negative emotions to be more in tune with yourself.

This is my opinion. As you grow spiritually, you can manifest etheric or auric wings. You may feel tingling sensastion where the ethric field is located. The wings as far as I know are part of you etheric body. The etheric body is a life force made up of chi. The etheric wings do not appear physically in any way. There are many different types of etheric wings. They grow in shape and form as your knowledge expands. There are also a lot of different meanings to etheric wings. You can meditate and practice feeling the etheric wings. People often feel heat radiating from them. you can also practice shaping them and growing them in meditation.



Anonymous said...

Hi Iris; I'm confused on cutting the etheric cord; is it the same thing as cutting off contact/feelings for a person or is it something different that I don't know about? Thanks!

Witchy said...

Hey! An etheric cord is literally a physical connection with someone or something. It is basically a portal for energy between two or more people. It is true that the more you are around someone, the more likely you have an etheric cord connecting with each other. If it is cut or destroyed it just means you are not physically sharing energy with that person.