Monday, April 18, 2011

Acceptance by Iris

We should accept one another for who we are. We vary in different opinions and religions. We should just accept that others have different beliefs in religion, which is fine for it is their own truth. There are many truths out there for different people. We just have to accept the truths. That’s what makes this universe unique. It is that we are all different. We all have different truths. We come from different backgrounds from which we could learn. For example we learn from the elves of Fynn. First before we accept others, we need to accept ourselves. I always find it odd how we strive to be accepted by others so we can fit in. When all along we need to just accept ourselves for who we are. For we can only bring acceptance and peace to ourselves.  Other people cannot bring us acceptance. Only within ourselves we can. If we can’t accept ourselves, how can we accept others? That also goes for if we cannot love ourselves, how can we expect to love others?  So ideally I think we should accept ourselves first, then accept others.  Although I do have trouble accepting some truth like extremist and Satanism. No one is perfect though I suppose. I try to be accepting of all truths. Especially to be accepting of myself. I found out if accept myself, I didn’t need acceptance from everybody else. If I accept myself, I easily accept others. That is my own truth. Others should find their own truth.


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