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Kingdom Hearts Union by Isaac

Chapter 5

I was running towards the park, going the direction that girl from before sped off towards, when all of a sudden there was another flash of light in the sky. The ground shook violently and the tremor was immediately followed by a powerful wind that pushed strongly against me.

"Ack!" I had to struggle to stay in place. I planted my feet firmly on the ground and hunched over to reduce any wind resistance to avoid being blown away.

The large, black figure
Once the gale had subsided, I looked up to see a massive black figure, not unlike the monsters from before, towering over the buildings in the distance.

To be specific, it looked as though it was right in the park.

Wait... But the park was still several blocks away! Just how big was this thing?!

I gaped at the size of this thing until more of it started to appear, which sort of reminded me why I was heading toward the park in the first place.

The orphanage was very close in proximity to the park. Though I was initially only worried that somebody who was still there could've been in danger, my fears were now confirmed with the sight before me.

Now I was absolutely certain that if anybody was still there, they'd be right next to these huge monsters!

I had to do something, so I started running again until the park, along with all of the giant shadowy creatures, finally came into view.

Just a little off in the distance I could make out that girl from before, a brilliant beacon of white moving furiously among the black figures around her. Of course, I couldn't really see what she was doing very well because she was extremely fast.

I knew she was fighting the monsters around her... But how in the world would she deal with the several creatures around her that were as tall as skyscrapers?!

One raised its massive arm and clenched its fist in a fashion that implied an intent to crush the girl into the ground.

"Watch out!" I shouted but my warning wouldn't have helped anyway; the raised fist came crashing down onto where the girl was, causing a sizable crater where it hit.

Fortunately, the girl had nimbly dodged to the side of the attack. She then jumped on top of the creature's arm, running up the black appendage until she jumped, bringing her right in front of the monster's face.

She raised her weapon from before and slahsed down fiercely, splitting the hulking black mass clean in two.

Hold on a minute... Did...

Did that girl really just cleave that thing in two with a single blow?!

I shook my head to give myself a reality check.

Right, I still had to get to the orphanage.

I circumvented the park, making sure I wouldn't interfere with the girl's fight.

Haha, yeah, I say that, but I simply didn't want to catch the attention of any of the black creatures that were closer to me than to her.

I'd have to say these creatures were focused, concentrating on only one target when a much more vulnerable one was nearby.

So far, things were okay. None of the creatures expressed any hostility towards me as they went only for the girl so I could keep on running around the park towards the direction of the oprhanage.

That is... Until I saw the huge portal spewing out darkness at the base of the old cherry blossom tree in the center of the park.


Memories flashed into my mind, both happy and sad.

Memories of love, of pain, of a certain somebody who left.

Memories I had locked away, intricately linked to the tree now shrouded in black.

I wanted to save the tree but hey, what could I do? I simply kept running.

As my eyes turned from the tree, I noticed somebody, just barely, covered by the debris from the gazebo which had collapsed.

I didn't want to get anywhere near the fight between the girl and the black monsters but it looked like all the creatures were occupied in fighting the girl with the sword-like object.

It still seemed like none of them noticed me... Or perhaps I was just a low priority target and was ignored accordingly.

Either way, the situation appeared to be in my favor; I think I could safely rescue the person collapsed over there without engaging any of the creatures.

I ran over to the collapsed person...

"Hey! Hello? Are you okay?" I shook the person's shoulder, hoping he or she would wake up.

Hoping I could tell who it was if I turned them over, as they were laying down, I lifted off some of the rocks that were covering them and dragged the person out from underneath.

I turned the person over and gasped; it was Jacob!

I had to get him out of here, but how? How could I carry him away without being so slow as to jeopardize both of us?

Smaller creatures
Apparently, my thoughts about being attacked jinxed me right there and then.

Black creatures smaller than the ones I saw earlier appeared around me. They seemed to be less powerful than the other monsters. Regardless, they were still the same type of monster; I couldn't afford to let my guard down.

That said, what could I do? I was still surrounded, any attempts to fight back would be futile as I learned a little while ago, and I had an unconscious 16 year old to protect...

"Can't take a hint, huh?"

I looked toward the direction of the voice to see several beams of light fly in my general direction and pierce the small creatures around me, erasing them instantly.

The girl landed to my side and took a combative stance, not looking at me at all and concentrating on her surroundings but still scolding me nonetheless.

"Didn't I tell you to stay out of this? You're in the way."

"My friend could've died!" I replied, maybe being a little unnecessarily defensive.

"It was perfectly within my ability to save your friend while fighting. Your attracting attention towards yourself and your friend there did not help his situation any."

I bit my lip, she was right... I had just been impulsive.

"Just... Who are you?" I asked.

"I already told you to not ask any questions!" she replied sharply. "And what do you want more, an answer to your question or getting out of here alive?"

"I'd like both, actually, thank you very much!"

Just then, there was a huge roar.
I turned my head towards the cherry blossom tree, or what was left of it anyway, and the black portal to see that the portal had increased in size and that there was a giant, purple-shaded claw reaching out of the portal.

"Dammit!" The girl cursed and started running towards the portal while hacking through any of the monsters in her way while yelling back, "You get out of here now if you know what's good for you!"

As if I had a choice now! I turned towards Jacob to try and pick him up to see a gigantic foot materialize a few feet away from us; it was another one of the huge shadows!

"Uhh..." Honestly, I don't think I could be blamed at all for not knowing what to do in that situation and standing there looking like an idiot.

The large, heart-shaped crevice in the center of the monster began to glow a dark purple and a large orb of energy formed.

I gulped. "This isn't good!"

I tried to pick up Jacob and run away just at the creature launched its attack towards us. I probably wouldn't have survived if that girl hadn't immediately intercepted the attack and shot a wave of ice that instantly froze and shattered the massive black creature in front of her.

She then appeared to turn her attention toward the creature that was coming out of, or had come out of the portal earlier but before she, or me for that matter, could react, a lightning fast, quadrupedal creature flew towards her from the side.

Though she managed to block with her weapon, the creature struck her with such a force that it sent her flying off into a rock and made her let go of her weapon.

It actually landed quite close to me, spinning in the air until it stabbed into the ground.

How could the girl fight without her weapon? I had to get it back to her.

I put Jacob down and ran towards the sword-like object, hoping that with that weapon in my hands, I would direct any hostile attention unto me and away from him.

As I grabbed the handle of the weapon, I suddenly had this strange pulsating feeling...

Again, it was as though the object was something I had been using all my life... It felt so familiar. All at once, I suddenly whispered to myself the name of the weapon.


The Angel's Blessing Keyblade.

Wait, how did I know that?

Whatever, it didn't matter. I had to get this to that girl over there as soon as possible.

I was right; taking the weapon, er... "Keyblade", instantly gave me the attention of all the monsters around.

Heck, the effect was akin to what would've happened had I just shouted out, "I'm right here! Come eat me or something!"

This certainly didn't make my day.

I looked toward the girl who was pinned down by that four-legged, purple-colored creature with glowing red eyes.

Shoot! She was in danger already! I started running towards her only to find several of the black creatures barring my way.

Perhaps now I could actually fight with these creatures. One of them lunged toward me and I retaliated by striking it with the Keyblade.

It worked! The creature that attacked disappeared before me eyes as the keyblade struck it.

With regained confidence, I ran towards the creatures barring my way to try and get to the girl. It didn't look like they could stop me anymore.

... Of course, just then, one of the larger creatures, the ones taller than buildings, appeared in front of me.

I didn't really have much of a chance against that thing now, did I?

Ugh, I shouldn't have come here; that girl wouldn't have been pinned down because she wouldn't have had to protect me while fighting and maybe Jacob would've been safer underneath all that rubble, where he might've been able to get by without being noticed.

The huge creature in front of me raised its fist and slammed into the ground in front of me, digging into it and creating a swirling, dark vortex which sucked me in.

It seemed as though I had no choice but to succumb to the darkness now...

I simply closed my eyes right there and then and waited as I drowned in that sea of black, apologizing in my head to everyone, the people I had let down right there and then and all the other times in my life...

Then a voice spoke out...

Yeah, the very same voice from the dream I had earlier.

The time has come...

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