Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Elements: Fire

You’re gathered with other people around a bonfire. You feel its warmth and watch the flames as they move constantly in all directions. There is a pure force in them. There is a high level of energy and awareness in it which put you in a trance. This trance is broken by a friend asking you to dance. You take your friend’s hand and in a short moment you are twirling around. Laughing and dancing, you feel passion, happiness, and warmth. Fire is the social element. It is the essence of energy, movement, warmth, and makes our hearts flutter with light. It can destroy and transform. Its direction is south and its season is summer. Its stage of life in youth and its time of day is noon. Magic which works well with fire includes courage, strength, creativity, defense, loyalty, protection, sex, passion, love, and success. The elementals associated with it are salamanders.

In this picture I put my little dragon puppet named Rufus. I think this is an appropriate name for some reason. Perhaps because it sounds a little odd and my dragon looks a little silly.


Zachary P said...

Ahem. Feel the burn. Okay now that I had sayed the pun that someone was eventualy going to say thanks a ton for writing these. I especialy enjoy this one as one who is aligned with fire myself.

Witchy said...

Your Welcome. I have often wondered what element I'm aligned with but have never quite known. Although I like air a lot so perhaps I'm aligned with that element.