Friday, May 13, 2011

Candlelight Offering

Today is Friday so it means I finally get some time to myself and to generally relax. I was inspired to go outside when the sun was dim and the dark of night just starting to set in. The air was warm on my face. I took out a little birthday candle and matches to a rock in my yard. I proceeded to light the candle and stick it on the rock with melted wax. I placed and stick and rocks/crystals in front of the candle and said "If there are any faeries around this is for you". I glow of the candle was so peaceful and I truly felt good with having done something positively magical. Naturally I was inspired and decided to write a poem about it.


Faery folk of old
gather round the sacred flame
dance and twirl around it
as I call your name

May it light the dark
with its warm glow
join our hands in friendship
shall we never be foe

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