Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Elements: Earth

You sit on a rock or lean against a tree to rest. You feel the strength and stability keeping yourself steady. You feel the path under your feet. You see the growing abundance around you. This is the earth. It is the essence of stable progress and constant prosperity. You reap what you sow in it. The earth is an element of growing, steadiness, and the general essence of life. The colors associated with it are mainly brown, black, gray and green. It is where our food comes from so eating and cooking is highly an earthly type of magic. Magic for money, prosperity, protection, fertility, family, healing and success are connected with it. The earth keeps us rooted and balanced. Earth is connected with the physically world and the body of a person. Four-legged animals find their home here. It is associated with the direction of North. Its season is winter and its time of day is midnight. Its stage of life is old age. The elementals associated with it are gnomes.


Anonymous said...

this element series is great; it's nice to have such a concise summary! Also, I love the new layout but the font is a bit hard to read.

Witchy said...

Thanks. I was inspired to focus on it. A friend I'm teaching about magic wanted me to write up some of its concepts and this is some of what I wrote. I'll be sure to find a different font. Blessed be.