Friday, May 13, 2011


Between leaping over and dancing around the bonfire and dancing around the maypole, Beltane is one of the most energetic holidays. Everything has awoken and started blooming by May 1st and their is an abundance of growth. Fertility is of course honored again but also the rise of the sun. We are now between spring and summer and we are feeling the happiness from the warm and beauty filled days! The dandelions as many of you may notice are in full bloom too. I really love dandelions. I think their pretty. They also can be used for your health and for food. Dried and ground their roots make a coffee substitute minus the caffeine. The leaves are high in iron and great for salad! Dandelions also increase appetite and have other medical uses I can't remember. Anyway. Next time you look upon a dandelion, take a moment to think about all the possibilities one little plant holds. Then take a moment to look at all the world around you and see all the potential hidden in the color of green! Blessed be and here's my poem about Dandelions.


Scattered upon a grassy hill
are yellow suns
bursting from green.

A hand pulls the suns
and tosses them aside
unaware of what potential
they hide.

At this sight I sigh
and internally cry.
Why! Oh why?!
Do you make my relatives die.

I try
to see the destroyers
and find to much
my reflection in its


Anonymous said...

aw I love dandelions too! And the photo is a very nice springtime one :)

Witchy said...

Thank you! I took the photo myself. I love dandelions. It's so funny how if you would ask any child what they think of them, they would probably say that they are pretty and pick them to give to their moms. Children are so open minded. We should always listen to them.

Anonymous said...

I agree... children are the future! so of course we should listen to them. If they are allowed to let their imaginations go to good use they will one day develop solutions to the world's problems! moreover, as in the dandelion example, they always have a fresh perspective. :)

Witchy said...

Well said! I agree completely.