Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Ostara!

Happy Spring Equinox! I can't believe it is spring! The smell of the wet earth is absolutely delightful and soon the smell of flowers will fill the air. It is very true that the spring is of the element air. Make sure to look at both the sun and moon today/tonight and give thanks for everything nature gives us. We shall sow our seeds. I am hoping to make a faery garden this spring. I started a faery house. I'll make sure to post a picture of it when I'm done. Anyway have a fantastic Ostara everyone!

Spring Poems and Haikus:

I watch the flowers growing.
I watch the flowers run.
I watch the flowers playing games.
I watch the flowers have fun.

I feed the flowers friendship.
I feed the flowers love.
I feed the flowers knowledge.
I feed the flowers sun from above.

I grow the garden with all my might.
I try to make it bloom bright.
And when it blooms it is a wonderful sight.

Sunny Day
windy, sunny
sighing, sweeping, turning
whispering secrets of the past

Make a Wish
Stars, luminous light
blown out by shining bright sun.
Daylight returning.

White lily, opens
facing rising shining sun.
Luminous petals.

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