Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three Keys to Life

In my opinnion there are only three things we need to live a peaceful and fulfilling life: Love, Courage, and a Clear Mind. I came to this conclusion based on learning about Buddhism and Hinduism. Based on these religions the Ego is the false self which we need to be freed from. The Ego is our thoughts and feelings which cause us to suffer. The true self is our awareness. Therefore we are not our emotions and thoughts. I started to think about this deeply. I liked emotions but I also liked the freedom of meditation. I didn't want emotions or my thoughts to control me. Therefore I decided that I will try to keep my mind clear of these excess things. I still felt that would leave me unconnected with people so love is important to give. But in order for me to keep my mind clear and my heart full of love, I will have to keep it clear of fear. This is where courage comes in. If I face my challenges with a clear mind in the first place I will not have any fear. I need to keep focused. If I am successful I will feel free and peaceful. These are just my thoughts currently on the subject. I hope to apply this to my life and see if I can sustain it.

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