Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello from by SirZachary

Hello and salutations from SirZachary and
I am Here to tell you that myself and several others will be helping Witchy write for her blog. Here I would like to discuss with what our goals at RF are. IF you are intrested you can come take a look for yourself. This will mostly be just to start off with something I know well. is a website that is run by Administrator, NatalieLynn and Moderators, Master_Iris and Susan/Mr. E. Susan is Natalie's sister and our link with Mr. E. On the subject of Mr. E, He is an Elf type of Fae/Fairie/Fairy/Faerie and a prince. He is apart of the Elves of Fyn and The Eight. The Elves of Fyn is the faction in which Mr. E is under. The Eight is an alliance of 8 elven nations that have joined together under a common goal and are a part of the Seelie faction. Seelie are mostly known as "good" fae. Their goal is to help the Earth and to do so they wish to contact humans. The reason for this is to bring down what is known as the Veil. The Veil is what we call the barrier between our side and theirs. This was created thousands of years ago for their own good. It draws strength from the disbelief of Fae by humans. Now though it is in their best interest to remove The Veil. Now on the the opposite side you have the Unseelie. These fae are generally known as "bad fae". Their goals is also to help the Earth but they wish to exterminate the Human species due to our pollution of the planet. While it is debatable whether or not this course of action is justified the result of the death of so many living things in an unneeded fashion would have negative consequences on themselves and the planet. Therefore We here at stand with the Seelie.

Note from Witchy on this subject: I am very fond of this website. I hope people who do not believe in fairies reconsider their view. Then again if you are reading this blog chances are you all ready do!


Zachary P said...

Oh no the capitlization errors they haunt me. Oh well pretty good for a first post I guess. I hope the veiwers like it.

Witchy said...

Unfortunately I don't have many viewers but this is me trying to create more of a community through finding writers. If I get a bunch of people to write for my blog then chances are they are going to read it too and want to comment. And I for the record I didn't even notice the errors. :)