Monday, December 12, 2011

Putting the Witch in a Box

I often feel as if I am constantly putting the witchy side of myself in a box in order to get things done and spend time with friends and family. I need pack that part of myself away and only when the time is right take the witch out to play. Is it suppose to be this difficult? Why does it seems like being a witch is further complicating my life and holding me back when it should be moving me forward? I especially feel that I have trouble getting close to people and let them fully know my soul. I love being a witch but often I feel ties me too much to another world. I almost wish currently that I could strip myself of the witch and change into a more normal and relatable person. Have any of you felt this way and/or have any advice for me? I would much appreciate any input.

Juvenile - Alice in Wonderland - Big Alice

I feel as if I am Alice when she is trapped in the house as she keeps growing and growing and growing.


Lady Caer Morganna said...

I really do understand how you feel. When I first became Wiccan, I was very secretive and afraid and so I never reached out to anyone. It wasn't until I finally trusted someone (a friend) that I began to realize that it was actually some of my family and friends who were making me feel that way (my Wicca) and I decided then and there not to allow it any longer. My family and friends eventually came to except it because they really do love me and they also knew that I had to live my own life. You can not move forward when you allow others to make your personal choices for you, you know?

I wish you all the best, my dear sister!


ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, I know what you mean also. I consider myself a Pagan and since I live in an area with some very scary people, I keep it to myself for the most part. Don't get me wrong, most people here are very nice and some are Pagan's also, but there are a number of fundamentalists and right-wing conservatives here and they are downright dangerous as far as I'm concerned. But, my family is just fine with it and if they were not that would be their problem not mine. I'm finally learning to be true to myself and am just finding out who I really am. I know you will find the right way for you dear friend.

Love, Happiness and Peace to ALL !

Witchy said...

Well. I do agree that sometimes I have felt that way but I am accepted by most people. What I'm having trouble with is I worry that I won't find anyone who understands and loves that part of me. Okay. Maybe this will clarify. Have either one of you ever had trouble getting close to people romatically because of your beliefs? You don't need to answer this if you don't want to. I just wanted to put the question out there.

Kim said...

Witchy, just speaking for myself of course I can honestly say that I really haven't ~ romantically I mean. I have only known my husband SINCE I have been Wiccan and he, thank the Goddess, is agnostic(meaning that he is not any particular religion eventhough he is open-minded). He does not participate in my circles and such, but he has always supported my right to choose and practice my faith.



Brandy said...

My husband isn't religious, though he has his spiritual ideas and theories. He doesn't claim to be anything other than himself.

And he doesn't in any way stop me from being me in every aspect of myself.

So I don't think you being a witch will hold you back from being close to another at all, or vice versa.

ArtSings1946 said...

Well, you might not like my comment but I suggest that you keep on discovering who you really are before you lose yourself in a romantic relationship. I know that's hard to do especially when we are young. Just my two cents.

Love and Light,

Witchy said...

@Kim. I'm glad you have someone so loving and caring. I did see your post about that! So I guess respect is the only thing you need for it to work.

@Brandy. Again there is a theme of acceptance here so that must be key.

@Artsings. I totally get what your saying. The problem is that stuff like that isn't a hard science and can't be logically constructed out so everything works out perfectly. The future is always going to be uncertain, people change all the time, but you can't let that stop you from starting. Life just doesn't work like and that's okay. Life is about accepting the unkown and what or who you can't control.

Anonymous said...

Hey Witchy,
I hope you know that you can tell me anything, just as I've told you my secrets. I guess I see what you mean, since some of our friends aren't as accepting of your beliefs and none of us are wiccan either. But I will always love you for you no matter what and we love it when you bring your tarot cards or something to sleep overs. :) If you'd like to talk about wiccan stuff more, just tell me! It kind of fascinates me even though I don't believe in it.

as for romantic stuf... well, do you have something to tell me?? :P maybe you and I will need to have a good heart to heart sometime soon... ;)

well.... you seem to have a very complicated and dynamic spirituality and I would think this would make you more rather than less attractive to a romantic partner. I guess I have high hopes that men will love us for the parts of our lives that we're passionate about... but then again, Dan couldn't deal with me for loving archaeology and wanting to go to college. So who the fuck knows!! Perhaps you should try women now. ;)

Sorry I am stalking your blog creepily. But it's a great blog and congrats on how it's taken off; you seem to have many readers!!

Just remember I will always be here if you want to talk.

Love, Rachel

Witchy said...

Aww. Rachel. That means so much to mean. You have no idea. I will definitely be talking to you soon. I'm so thankful your my friend and I really love you. You're a great person. :)