Thursday, August 18, 2011

Magick Vs. Magic

Note from Witchy: Hey everyone! Sir Zachary send me this awesome little article on how people spell the word magic. I personally use the spelling without the "k".

Hello readers of Witchy Writings. Its Sir Zachary here to talk about Magick and Magic. Why is there a different spelling? Well Magick is actually, through my brief research, an older way of spelling the word that eventually was spelled “Magic.” The reason for this is most likely apart of the evolution of the English language. BUT! The older spelling has come into more recent use by some who take Magick/Magic as a serious matter and practice it in some fashion to separate it from the more commonly thought of Disney kind of magic. It was used even before its recent comings on the internet by some practitioners to separate it from stage Magic/Magick. While during that time it made more sense it seems that in its current use (especially on the internet) is more so to separate it from what normally comes to mind when you mention magic to a person. It is most likely that the reason Magick and magic spellings have become so important to people recently is due to the fact I mentioned before: that this is most prominent on the internet. Especially with the millions upon millions of people who communicate over the internet. Why is this though? I came to the conclusion that it is because on the internet the majority of communication is written/typed out entirely and is non-verbal. So there would come a need that for some people on the internet would use the older spelling of Magic/Magick to make clear the sort of Magick they are talking about and to perhaps be taken more seriously. Now I want to know what you use and maybe tell us why if there is a particular reason. Please leave your answer in the comments.

Sir Zachary

P.S. Go read Iris’s stuff she is awesome.


magic hands said...

I use both spellings for a very simple reason: I practice both forms of the art. It's a very meaningful distinction, and I wish more people (especially Wiccans) would make use of it. When I'm researching a new spell, if I enter "magic" into a search engine, I have to scan through countless entries on card tricks, Criss Angel, and Orlando's basketball team. But if I use the "magick" spelling, I'm going to miss out on all of the witches, Wiccans, and Pagans who don't make the distinction between sleight-of-hand and metaphysics. It's only one more letter at the end of the word, and it makes a *big* difference for many of us.

Witchy said...

Hey Magic Hands! This is a good distinction. Perhaps I will try to change my way of spelling the word. Although in search engines I usually use the word "Pagan" or "Wiccan" and it gets me where I want. I hope you like my blog and stop by often! Many blessings.