Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Incense Making

Note from Witchy: Hello my dears! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ula who sent me this wonderful little article she wrote about incense making. Enjoy!

Hello! This is Ula here with how to make incense!

Making incense is an easy way to put your energy and intent into what you burn. It also allows you to use an herb without digging out a charcoal disk and grinding it up. I made White Sage incense but you can use any herb/powder you wish.

The key to the incense is making it self igniting. Some use salt peter and some charcoal tabs but I like using Makko, a Japanese incense. It has a pleasant odor and is inexpensive. You just need to mix it 4:1 with four being your dried herb/ powder and one the Makko. I usually make my Sage incense with four tablespoons Sage to one of Makko. Just add distilled water until it's a moist paste that holds together. I then just take pinches and shape them into cones. They need to sit on wax paper for two weeks to dry and then need put in an air tight container.

They are great to smudge in a small space or when you don't want too much smoke. I get about 30 when I use this recipe. They burn nice and even and smell like Sage only. I have also made it Mugwort and Mullein.

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