Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Witchy Writing Contest!

*click* *click click click* *click click* hmmmm.... *Pulls out paper and pen* hmmm... *Scratches head* AHA Brilliant!!

Now introducing the Winter Witchy Writing Contest! Where you write a poem and enter it in the contest to possibly win Blog Awards! The best part is that the winners are completely determined by you (the reader) via a poll I will put up once I get all submissions. 


1. Only Poetry! No short stories or other longer works. You are limited to 5 stanzas or less. Please remember there is only one of me and I have limited time.

2. All Poetry must be sent to this e-mail address: before or on the day of December 17th if you want to be included in the contest!

3. One Poem Per Person!


So get your fingers unfrozen and ready to write up a snowy storm!


Witchy Cats said...

Witchy, does the poem have to be about winter or can it be about anything???



Witchy said...

It can be about anything really. As long as it is appropriate. A winter or magical themed poem would be very nice for the season but I'm not limiting it. I just want to see what you all come up with! Are you considering entering?

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Absolutely I am! I enjoy poetry and I think this is a GREAT idea!!!

Many thanks,


Brandy said...

Sent mine in :)

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Witchy, can not seem to access your e-mail to submit my poem to you so I am sending to in to you here.

(The Wiccan Life)

Esotre ~
The snow has all melted
And winter has gone,
Now Nature is singing
Springs’ most beautiful song;
As we honor the Goddess -
The Devine Eostre,
While she breathes her life
Into the birds and the bees;
She's fertile and loving
Ancient Mother is she
From the youngest child
To the oldest tree
~ Lady Caer Morganna


Witchy said...

I love poetry as well Kim and what a beautiful poem you've submitted here! I got your e-mail Brandy. I have a feeling this is going to be a good contest!