Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goddess & God: What Defines Them?

I often get into a delema about this subject. I often see in correspondences and other things in Wicca that Wiccans identify certain things with the God and other things with the Goddess. For instance, We have the color gold as a symbol for God and silver for the Goddess. But why? What truly defines them? I know that the moon and Goddess are often matched together and that is why silver is the color of choice. I often find that people often define God and Goddess so specifically for correspondences to crystals, colors, and even the elements themselves. Such as the Goddess ruling over moonstone, silver, blue, and purple, and water. In my opinion sometimes charts can be counterproductive with magic. It is about how you feel about something. I know many people say that the Goddess rules over water and air. I do see that but there are also some instances where you can see her in earth and fire too. It all depends of what personally reminds you of your personal God or Goddess. Only YOU, in my opinion, can truly define what you feel represents what. Symbols can often be changed and what is important is to do what feels right for you.

Here is just an example of what I'm talking about when I say charts:

No offense to the website owner. This is the generally accepted version of what feminine and masculine represent. I personally belief that the Goddess and God can't be bottled up and generalized in a way that people agree upon. People have many different versions of God and Goddess.

I'm probably not making any sense. Feel free to correct me or add how you view the God and Goddess as a comment. Here endeth the ramble!

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ArtSings1946 said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I believe that everybody is on their own individual journey ... and that ultimately we are all one ... connected to the one source ... and for me the source is Goddess, especially the Triple Goddess. But, for others that may be something completely different. So, since we are all part of the one, everybody is right. Oh, I do so hope I'm making some kind of sense here. If we could all feel this way there would be a lot less "I'm right and your wrong thing". Also, I think of myself as a Pagan and I do believe in magic (and for me positive thinking and energy encompasses this). As for correspondences, I agree with you, a person has to go with their instinct on all of this ... one could look at a chart to help that along, but only you can know what that certain item (e.g., color, crystal, stone, herbs, etc.) does for you. It's all a way to get you to focus on what you want to accomplish.

Love to talk about this.

Peace, Compassion, and Abundance to ALL !

Witchy said...

I totally understand what you are saying. I too believe we are all part of the one. I also think that we all are right. I deeply feel as if the divine is ultimately one energy: love. That is all that matters. Now I also belief that there is one negative energy: fear. Everyone seems to agree that both of these exist. I believe that it is the journey of all beings to find the love amongst the fear and overcome fear.

ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, I can't believe that we are so on the same wavelength. Fear, that has been my enemy ... and at least now I am out of the denial and can actually feel it .... I can picture it as a separate entity within me ... and that helps me to vanquish it with positive affirmations and mantras when it comes on full force.

Peace, Love, Compassion to ALL !

Witchy said...

I know! We are definitely kindred spirits! I'm still struggling with fear. I haven't had much to fear in my life but when I'm upset it is difficult to manage sometimes. Although I consider myself pretty lucky and normal when it comes to dealing with things. Well..okay I guess there isn't much normal about me. lol. I've never thought of imagining fear as another being within myself. I like that idea. It's sometimes difficult to separate oneself from ones emotions though. I suppose the positive affirmations help with this.

Brandy said...

The correspondences are define as masculine/feminine and/or God/Goddess because that is what they are normally associated with and has been for quite a while. This history of association gives these correspondences a lot of energy behind them (for that masculine/God and feminine/Goddess aspect).

But just because they are normally associated with those aspects does not mean they are anchored to only them. It is just the major influence that gives them that aspect, KWIM?

There are always more subtle aspects that goes with the correspondences. And not all situations always needs the "normal" idea of a correspondence. Basic guideline. That's all.

Witchy said...

I totally understand Brandy. History and how people worshipped before is definitely what makes the meaning and power behind these symbols and what we consider divine. I do love the old ways and accept the common definitions (as they flow well with me most of the time). But yes. There are times where people feel differently about how something should be used and so they use it differently.

Magick for the Real World said...

I would have to agree with you. It's just like tarot, basic meanings are something to fall back on when intuition just isn't there. If I don't have any personal experience with a correspondence and I don't have that "feel" that it's right, I tend to shy away from it for the same reasons as you stated. Great post!

Magick for the Real World

Witchy said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I always try my best to do what flows well with me now. I do focus, though, on using elements and becoming closer to things I don't work as well with. I was always in tune with the air but many times, and this still somewhat happens now, I will find I'm losing touch with the stability of Earth. Now I find it much easier to come into touch with all the elements as well as the God and Goddess. I totally agree that these are the basic building blocks which one builds off of once they have the basics down.