Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Power Outage

I'm sure all of you have heard about the power outages that have been riddling the East Coast in the wake of the "Hurricane". Of course, by the time it got up north, it became a tropical storm. We were one of the many without power for a short period.

It really makes one realize everything we take for granted. Having water, computers, tv, and the ability to cook food at our fingertips is a luxury which our Mother Earth costs dearly for. I also learned that having these things taken away leaves you with some much more than we realize. Without an Ipod touch, internet, or tv to distract me I went out in nature, read, and spent time with family. How is it that we missed everything that we always have? Before this power outage I watched a show about how technology is making us lose touch with nature and therefore ourselves. I saw city and town kids learning life lessons like loving each other, listening to the silence, and living off the land. I agreed with what was said on the program heartily and it stuck with me for a long while. We are part of nature.
Then the lights flickered and went out soon after as if telling me to listen to the silence myself. I did and I took solace in this silence. I finished the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and then started to read Frankenstein. Now the lights are back on and I will resume my life of noise and confusion. Unless of course I stop, turn off the lights, and stop this constant buzzing around and within me.
The candlelight is mightier than the light bulbs. The book is better than the movie. Living life through life is better than living life through machines. Is it not cells that make us human or electricity? Perhaps man is both machine and organic matter. A strange combination of electrical impulses and desires buzzing through us and calm peaceful silence quietly flowing like a stream. A stream of electricity and a stream of water seems like such a deadly mixture to bring life to such beings. I digress. Life is infinitely mysterious and all I can say now is that I believe humans have made themselves into that of a Frankenstein Monster; half organic matter and half electricity induced life.

I highly recommend seeing this show called Mother Nature's Child and Reading Siddhartha and Frankenstein.

Here is the link to the shows website:   http://www.mothernaturesmovie.com/category/broadcasts/     


ArtSings1946 said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I have been discussing this with my daughter ... and although we both are trying to make a living with our internet businesses, we do try to not get caught up with the crazies. I make it a point not to twitter or do facebook. I just don't have room in my brain for all of that and still be the creative soul that I am ... and, of course, the pagan I strive to be. I think if we can be "mindful" we can use technology and keep in touch with who we really are. Love and Light, and Good Intentions To All !

Witchy said...

I totally agree! It's all about keeping a good balance which unfortunately usually doesn't happen. I try to be out in nature at least every day. It's just difficult sometimes when you're trying to keep up with the world. Sometimes we are forced to slow down. There's a reason why our immune system doesn't work well when we are stressed, when we get sick it forces us to slow down.