Friday, June 24, 2011

D.I.Y. Spells & Potions!

Creating a spell or potion is easy. First ask yourself what you want to achieve. Then find what element corresponds best with that goal. If the goal falls under more than one element (like love which can be found in both fire and water) choose the element you feel most comfortable working with. Make the element the basis on your spell and how you will release its energy toward your goal. If you choose fire then burn something as part of your spell. If you choose water then make a drink/potion or set the objects free in a body of water. If you choose earth use crystals and stones or make something to eat. If you choose air use incense, feathers, or set things free in the wind. You can also invoke elementals which possess all the characteristics of the element you are working with. Create a chant or simply use visualization and meditation. Do whatever feels right to you in concerns of spells. Use objects, herbs, tools, foods, ect. which you feel will empower your spell. If at any moment during the spell something feels wrong then close your circle, pull back your energy, and stop the spell. Protection during a spell is crucial and it is always necessary to have the space and your mind clear of negative thoughts. Cleansing before a spell is always recommended. Salt, sage, and creating a circle are all great ways to protect yourself and your home. Burning certain incense will also help. As you see potion making and spellwork are very open to different interpretations. They are a great way to feel more connected with nature and the divine and get what you need out of life.


Zachary P said...

I love the new background Witchy. Very good posts, of course, as well.

Witchy said...

Thank you! I like it too and the background was so easy to use. One website I went to had great designs but actually getting the background on was a bit complex so it didn't work. I found this one and put it on without much hassle. I also have a new chat box on there which I got for free off a website. Pretty neat!